Preparing Future Teachers

Wichita State University is at the forefront of empowering educators with the transformative knowledge of the science of reading. Our commitment to excellence in teacher preparation ensures that future educators are equipped with the latest insights and methodologies, fostering a strong foundation for literacy development. At Wichita State, we believe in the power of education to shape brighter futures, and our dedication to the science of reading emphasizes our role in cultivating highly skilled and compassionate teachers for the next generation.

Kansas Board of Regents Science of Reading Objectives

Item Objectives

Understand the four-part processing system of proficient reading and writing.


Identify and explain aspects of cognition and behavior that affect reading and writing development.


Explain major research findings (i.e., The Simple View of Reading, Scarborough's Rope) regarding the contribution of linguistic and cognitive factors to the prediction of literacy outcomes.


Understand/apply in practice the general principles of structured literacy teaching, including explicit, systematic, cumulative, teacher-directed instruction.


Understand that higher levels of literacy include syntax, paragraph organization, and discourse structure.