Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate

This certificate is aimed at equipping students with knowledge of supply chain practices used by companies around the world. The courses are structured to provide extensive conceptual and applied information about enterprise-level systems and supply chain management. The curriculum is jointly offered by the Decision Sciences faculty in the Barton School of Business and the Industrial, Systems and Manufacturing Engineering faculty in the College of Engineering.

This program requires satisfactory completion of four courses from the following lists of courses, at least one course from engineering or business is required.

Business Courses

  1. DS 725: Global Procurement and Outsourcing *
  2. DS 790: Global Logistics and Transportation Management *
  3. DS 850: Operations Management *
  4. DS 870: Risk Management in Global Supply Chains 

Engineering Courses

  1. IME 767: Lean Manufacturing
  2. IME 783: Supply Chain Management *
  3. IME 880 Y: Forecasting and Analytics
  4. IME 883: Supply Chain Analytics

Master's Degree

If you're interested in pursuing a master's degree upon completing your certificate, courses marked with an asterisk count toward required courses in the Management Science and Supply Chain Management master's program.

Grade Requirements

All courses will be graded. No S/U grading permitted. No grade lower than a B is acceptable. No course substitutions are permitted.

For more information contact Dr. Mehmet Barut at