A hybrid course designed to prepare professionals to take the most recognized supply management certification CPSM – Certified Professional in Supply Management.


Get Ready for CPSM

Module 1                                            

Sourcing and Procurement

  •  Sourcing
  • Category Management & Negotiation
  • Legal & Contractual
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Cost and Price Management
  • Financial Analysis
Module 2                                               
  •   Supply Management Integration
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • SOP – Demand Planning
  • SOP - Forecasting
  • SOP – Product & Service Development
  • SOP – Quality Management


Module 3                                               

       Leadership & Transformation in Supply Management

  • Strategy Development and Stakeholder Engagement
  • People Development & Coaching
  • Systems Capability and Technology
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics




Meet the Professor: Ashley Gerlach, MBA, CPSM   

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