Degree Completion Options

The MSSCM program requirements range from 30 to 33 credit hours, depending on the candidate's choices of degree option: All Course, Directed Project or Thesis. The requirements for each of these options are:

  • Thesis Option: 30 credit hours are required for the degree, in which 24 hours of coursework and 6 hours of master thesis work is required
  • Project Option: 33 credit hours are required for the degree, in which a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework and 3 hours of industry project must be satisfied
  • All Coursework with 1 external certification: This option requires a student to have a minimum of 30 credit hours and an external certification related to supply chain or operations management from ISM, APICS, ASQ or SME.
  • All Coursework: 33 hours of coursework is required for the degree.

Required Courses (15 credit hours)

  • Operations Management (DS850)
  • Supply Chain Management (DS 865) 
  • Global Procurement and Sourcing (DS 725) 
  • Global Logistics and Transportation Management (DS 790) 
  • Business Analytics (BSAN 775)

Graduate Certificate

If you're interested in obtaining a certificate while completing your master's program, the four required courses marked with an asterisk count toward the Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Other Requirements

  • Students must specialize in one of two available tracks:
    1. Supply Chain Management

    2. Supply Chain Analytics
  • The degree requires fifteen (15) credit hours of core courses, nine (9) credit hours of courses from a track, and electives to satisfy the degree requirements. There is a maximum of 9 credit hours of 500- or 600-level courses that can be taken in this program.
  • Students must submit a plan of study by the end of the first semester of enrollment.