In our program, you will receive a foundational academic education as well as a clinical education. This will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your professional career. 

Gain Clinical Experience at a Medical Facility

As a student of Medical Laboratory Sciences, you will be required to complete a semester of clinical rotations. The clinical rotation, or preceptorship, will prepare you for becoming a health care professional. Clinical rotations are completed in a medical facility where you will be supervised by a faculty member called a preceptor. Your preceptor will act as both your mentor and supervisor while you are on rotation.

Apply Course Knowledge in the Laboratory

As part of the program, you will gain clinical experience in affiliated laboratories to help you make the transition from student to working professional. The purpose of this experience is to provide you with practical application of the information you learn in your college courses. It also gives you the opportunity to experience the working world of the laboratory and to observe and assist in the treatment and care of patients.

Work in our Affiliated Clinical Sites

In our program, you'll gain clinical experience at one of many clinical sites affiliated with the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at Wichita State University. These sites are spread across Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.