Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Aging Studies

Gain knowledge and tools to manage and supervise senior living communities. Learn how to meet the needs of the aging population with high-quality services, programs, and supports through an online curriculum tailored to maximize your career potential.

Accelerated Master of Arts in Aging Studies

Ideal for undergraduate students across a variety disciplines seeking advanced career opportunities in the aging professions. Shorten your graduate studies by one full semester, saving time and money.

Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Prepares you for upper level health administration and maximizes your skillset to plan, direct, manage, and coordinate medical and health services. The online curriculum equips you with the required knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary to serve in an administrative capacity.

Accelerated Master of Health Administration

Ideal for undergraduate students in health management interested in leading health organizations. Shorten your graduate studies by one full semester, saving time and money.

Certificate and Practicum Options

Graduate Certificate in Aging Studies for Health Professionals

Understanding the fundamental concepts of aging is essential for health professionals who engage with older people. The online curriculum compliments your career, enhances your degree, deepens your thinking, and taps into interdisciplinary connections within this unique population. Be prepared to care for and serve an aging population. Combine what you do with aging studies.

Graduate Certificate in Senior Living Management

Understanding the daily operations of the wide spectrum that is senior living, essential components of human resource management, and elements of hospitality are essential for leaders within long-term care communities. Be prepared to lead within the ever-expanding senior living industry.

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership

Understanding the complex health system is essential to effectively lead a health organization. The online curriculum expands upon business knowledge and expertise to advance your career potential in health administration.

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Understanding the organized measures required to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life is beneficial to a variety of professionals. The online curriculum explores disease distribution, population health issues, and the social and behavioral aspects of health. Now more than ever, it is important to stay current on best practices in public health.

Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Practicum

A 480hr practicum placement within a nursing home that fulfills the state of Kansas practical experience requirement to sit for the examinations to become a licensed nursing home administrator.