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Connect to Your Future in Health Administration

Health Administrators are in high demand.

 The field of healthcare administration is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow 20% through 2026 - faster than average compared to other careers.

Expand your career in this fast growing field with a master's degree in Health Administration from Wichita State University.

Become a highly trained healthcare administrator

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that health administration will grow by an estimated 20% by 2026. The online Master in Health Administration (MHA) program will prepare students to plan, direct, manage, and coordinate medical and health services in this growing field.

Graduates of the MHA program will be equipped with the required knowledge, skills, and qualities that health care organization employers deem important to serve in a leadership capacity. The program will prepare students in areas of management, health care finance, human resource administration, strategic planning, law and ethics, health economics, and health information systems.


About the Program

This master's program will prepare you to become a leader/executive in healthcare organizations. The 42-credit hour curriculum provides competency-based training for health care professionals in:

  • Healthcare systems and management
  • Communication and interpersonal relationship management
  • Critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving
  • Management and leadership
  • Professionalism and ethics

The capstone requirement will culminate your learning experience with a clinical placement in a health system, hospital, agency or organization where you take part in a clinical practicum which can be completed from wherever you are. 

How much will it cost?

$421.94 per credit hour*

*Based on 2019-2020 tuition rates and are subject to change.

What careers could I advance to?

The 100% online Master of Health Administration degree from Wichita State will prepare you to:

  • Direct a health system
  • Manage a hospital or health service organization
  • Oversee a medical practice group
  • Coordinate an ambulatory clinic
  • Supervise a local, state, or federal government agency

Application and Admission Requirements 

Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission to the Master of Health Administration program should possess an undergraduate degree in health management, business, clinical profession or related field.

Minimum overall GPA of 2.75. Students with lower GPA may apply and will be considered for probationary admission pending a strong personal goal essay and letters of recommendation.

Application Materials

Candidates must pay the application fee and submit items listed below on the Graduate School Application Portal:

    • Personal Goals Essay, 500 words or less clearly articulating the motivation for seeking admission to the MHA program
    • Current Resume
    • Two Professional letters of recommendation
    • Official GRE test score, taken within the last six years*
    • TOEFL or IELTS scores if applicable.

*GRE requirement may be waived if the applicant: has 3 years or more managerial work experience, as evaluated by the MHA admission committee; is a WSU graduate from health management, business, clinical profession or related field, or graduate certificate in health administration with a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the last 60 hours.

Application Deadlines
  • Fall: July 15
  • Spring: December 1

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