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Connect Your Career to Aging Studies

The fast-growing, aging population needs professionals with knowledge and skills to lead the public health response to population aging. With the online Master of Arts in Aging Studies Program at Wichita State University, you can specialize in Senior Living Management, Senior Community Services, or Public Health, and personalize your career path in the aging professions.

Become the aging professionals tomorrow needs.


Are you ready to make a difference?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans age 65 and older is projected to nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060, equating to 23 percent of the total population.*

As a result, the United States is experiencing a significant shortage of qualified professionals who are equipped to manage, supervise, and provide high-quality services for aging Americans. With a master’s degree in Aging Studies, you will be prepared to address this national workforce opportunity.

Already a working professional? A Master’s in Aging Studies will advance or transition your career and prepare you to serve the aging population. The flexible online Master’s program is ideal for licensed social workers, nurses, physicians, dental hygienists, and those in the field of communication sciences, exercise science, psychology, business, and education.

Aging Studies Concentrations

Senior Living Management

The Senior Living Management concentration prepares students to serve in administrative, managerial, and director positions within senior living and long-term care (LTC) communities.

  • This concentration is ideal for individuals seeking to become a licensed nursing home administrator, operator of assisted living, business office manager, HR manager, and other levels of management in LTC settings. It is also excellent for current professionals working in entry-level positions of LTC (e.g. licensed nursing professionals) who want to move into management roles.
  • Administrator-in-Training Program (AIT): Students pursuing this concentration are also eligible to complete the AIT program, providing the practical experience required to become a licensed nursing home administrator.
Senior Community Services

The Senior Community Services concentration prepares students to engage older adults in the community through senior centers, senior programming, and/or social services. 

  • This concentration is ideal for mid-career professionals looking to advance or transition their work with older adults (e.g. licensed social workers). A master's in aging studies will open the door to higher-paying positions. Move beyond entry-level positions, increase your desirability for future employers by obtaining your master’s degree. Acquire age-related knowledge/skill sets to achieve new career goals and more challenging job opportunities, within the same field or from one occupation to another. This concentration is designed for individuals seeking opportunities such as: Service Coordinators, Aging Care Managers, Senior Living Sales & Marketing, Alzheimer’s, Hospice, Private Duty Home Care, Senior Center Directors, Activities Directors, Social Service Designees, and Academia.
Public Health

The Public Health concentration prepares students to work in the Public Health sector such as local government agencies and community programming. Specific focus in public health and aging, epidemiology, environmental health, statistics, and the social/behavioral aspects of public health.

  • Graduate Certificate in Public Health (GCPH): Students in this concentration also earn the GCPH, a nationally recognized certification, alongside their Master’s degree.
Concentration Requirements

Learn more about specific concentration requirements in the Graduate School Catalog:

MA in Aging Studies Graduate Catalog

Information About the Program

Program Highlights

The online Master of Arts in Aging Studies program consists of thirty-six (36) credit hours.

  • Diverse curriculum. Provides a foundation for careers in aging and in a wide range of professional settings.
  • Caring professors. Learn from compassionate, student-focused faculty and industry experts.
  • Personalized program. Work closely with your graduate advisor to create a flexible, personalized learning experience.
  • Culminating experience options. Provides applied learning opportunities to network, hone skills through additional electives, and receive mentorship from community leaders and industry partners.

Best Masters Program BadgeThe Aging Studies program at Wichita State University is ranked in the Top 5 Masters in Gerontology Programs

Dual/Accelerated Option

The dual/accelerated bachelor’s to master’s in Aging Studies is ideal for any undergraduate student seeking advanced career opportunities in the aging professions. Shorten your graduate studies by one semester. Save time and money -- apply 9 hours of dual credit to your undergraduate and graduate degree.

For assessment regarding eligibility for admissions, please contact the Graduate Coordinator Jacie Green.

 Accelerated Master of Arts in Aging Studies

How much will it cost?

Wichita State Online students pay in-state tuition regardless of where they live. The cost of tuition varies depending on degree, credits, and courses. Visit the tuition page for more information.


Scholarship Opportunities

Careers and Alumni

Graduates from the Aging Studies program at Wichita State University are making a positive impact in the aging professions through opportunities such as:

  • Activities Director in Senior Living
  • Business Office Manager in Senior Living
  • District Operations and Membership Recruitment
  • Executive Director of Independent, Assisted, and Memory Care
  • Faculty for Higher Education
  • Health Promotion and Physical Fitness
  • Licensed Nursing Home Administrator
  • Marketing in Senior Living
  • Product Sales
  • Senior Center Director
  • Senior Services Program Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Explore how Aging Studies Alumni are contributing to the field every day!

Aging Studies Alumni 

Application and Admission Requirements

Application Deadline
  • Fall: July 15
  • Spring: December 1
  • Summer: April 15 
Admission Requirements
  • A bachelor degree of any discipline will be considered. A GRE test score is not required.
  • A minimum of a 2.75 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) or a 2.75 in the last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework.

Visit the Graduate Catalog in the link provided to view specific information:

MA in Aging Studies

How to Apply

All WSU Graduate School applications must be completed online. Once you have created an account and have selected your choice of study, you will be prompted to provide required application material.

Apply Now

Find out more information about steps on how to apply to WSU Graduate School:

Graduate School Application Checklist

The MA in Aging Studies program was comprehensive enough to provide the skills and knowledge needed for many areas in the aging field. Working with older adults has always been a passion of mine and the program was the perfect training and experience for that to evolve into a professional career.
Madison Shriner, MA

 * Source: Population Reference Bureau. (2019, July 15). Fact sheet: Aging in the United Stateshttps://www.prb.org/aging-unitedstates-fact-sheet/