New Employee Information

New employees at the University must report to New Employee Orientation for onboarding on their first day of work to complete hiring paperwork (employee's photo ID and signed social security card are required), and employee will receive instructions on how to get a WSU ID and parking authorization. During the New Employee Orientation session, the employee will learn about benefits and basic WSU information.

The Hiring Manager should be ready for the new hire with orientation/training in the department on their second day of employment. The Position Description should also be covered in detail to ensure understanding of all responsibilities and expectations.

Please review the following links for new employees:

President Bardo Picture A Welcome Message from President Bardo


Required Training


Wichita State University Vision, Mission, and Values

Campus Services

Other Resources

Note: In keeping with the long-held tradition of casual Fridays, President John W. Bardo is agreeable with continuing the practice for the staff and faculty of Wichita State University.

Reviewed 01/6/17 RL

Updated 05/04/18 SRAP