SHOCKS Recreation

is an intentional approach to student development through the employment and on-boarding process. The roots of this program can be traced to the Disney Approach to recruitment, selection, orientation, and training. SHOCKS Recreation is an actual program, not simply hiring and training student staff to protect our facilities and the SHOCKS Recreation image. This is accomplished through a customized service delivery system focused on providing an exceptional first impression! This is where the SHOCKS Recreation approach comes into play.

A well-trained, well-scripted, and well-groomed front-line team of service delivery experts will provide our members with a powerfully positive impression. SHOCKS Recreation heltp to create and foster a valued-based culture of excellence, responsability, and long-lasting relationships. The outcomes of our success are measureable through analysis of retention, service-ratings, member satisfaction, and our national reputation.

As a department SHOCKS Recreation follows a simple, but important success formula:

Excellent Staff Experiences + Following University Business Guidelines Resulting In Excellent Member Experience: Our Success, Our Future!

The results are visible through our innovative and trend-setting programs and services, our growing regional reputation for student development, and the testimonials of our members to the level and consistency of our service delivery. Together, we are an equal member of one of the finest teams in Campus Recreation and higher education.

We are SHOCKS Recreation!