Master's of Education:
Educational Leadership


The WSU Master's Degree in Educational Leadership is a 33 hour, two-year program, with cohort groups forming each fall school session.  Master's Degree instruction focuses on developing and practicing administrative knowledge, skills, dispositions and competencies in applied learning settings. In the fall and spring semesters, students enroll in Leadership Seminar classes and one Building Level Leadership Practicum class. Seminar and practicum classes meet on WSU's Main Campus on Monday evenings.

The seminar and practicum classes at the WSU campus prepare students for applied learning in the field. Under the supervision of a mentor (usually your building principal) and a WSU Faculty Advisor, students engage in active learning each semester through completing practicum hours at their K-12 school site. The combination of graduate coursework and guided practical application provides WSU Educational Leadership students with valuable opportunities to learn through experience what it is to demonstrate excellence as a building level leader.

Students who complete this program and pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment are eligible for Building Leadership endorsement from KSDE.

Degree Requirements

WIchita State University Master's in Educational Leadership consists of 33 graduate hours. The courses and sequence for taking them include:

First Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Second Year

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

*CLES 801 can be taken any summer or online in any semester prior to Fall 2.

Comprehensive examination to be completed during last semester of enrollment.


Admission Requirements

When applying for admission to the Master's in Educational Leadership program, you must submit to the Graduate School:

You must also submit the following items to the Department:

  • Three Reference Report Forms: one from a supervisor and two professional peers that attests to the applicant's potential as a building administrator.
  • Evidence of teacher licensure for a role in the public/private schools and at least one year of accredited experience.
  • A resume or curriculum vita of educational and professional experience.
  • A statement of professional goals related to completion of the master's degree and/or licensure as a public school administrator.
  • A letter signed by a building principal indicating he or she is willing to serve as the student's mentor and will allow the student to fulfill the practicum requirements of the program.

Upon receipt of this information, the departmental screening committee will make recommendations concerning admission decisions for the master's program in educational leadership.

Background Check Requirement

Upon admission and prior to their first semester, all students admitted to the Educational Leadership program must clear a criminal background check. Click here for instructions.