Admission Criteria

Deadline for application for admission to the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program may be made in the semester that pre-requisites are in progress for completion. Deadline for receipt by the MLS Office for all application materials, including references, is April 1 for fall semesters and November 1 for next spring semester. Students will be accepted for full-time and half-time enrollment. Students must be full-time during the Clinical Practicum semester.

ACCEPTANCE is based on the following criteria:

A. Grade Point Average (GPA): Minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 0 - 4.0 scale. Points are assigned as follows: Overall GPA x 10 = points. (Example; GPA of 2.5: 2.5 x 10 = 25 points) Note: All courses, which are pre-requisites for the Medical Laboratory Sciences program, must be completed with a grade of 2.0 or above on a 0 – 4.0 scale before entering the professional phase of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program.

B. References: Maximum of 15 points to be determined as follows:
Statements/evaluations support high recommendation of candidate – up to 15 points
Statements/evaluations support recommendation – up to 12 points
Statements/evaluations support recommendation with reservation – up to 7 points
Any combination below this - 0 points.

C. Application Form: Maximum of 18 points may be assigned. Points will be based upon activities,
such as those listed:

  1. Evidence of knowledge of healthcare (up to 6 points), such as:
    Work/volunteer in a medical laboratory—up to 6 points
    Work/volunteer in healthcare or patient care, other than medical laboratory– up to 4 points
  2. Evidence of ability to lead or participate in diverse teams (up to 6 points):
    Leadership activities in a team (i.e. President, class officer) – up to 6 points
    Team participation – up to 6 points
  3. Evidence of knowledge of the profession and presentation of application (up to 6 points): Rationale for entering the MLS profession – up to 6 points Neatness and accuracy – up to 2 points

MINIMUM POINTS FOR CONSIDERATION OF ACCEPTANCE: 50 points. Deviation from the minimum number of points must be considered by the Department Admission/Exception Committee.

FILE REACTIVATION: If entry to the program was denied based upon GPA or grades, documentation of improvement or repeat course work must be submitted. Should the majority of the committee agree that a reference might be invalid, a new reference will be requested from another source. All new material submitted shall become part of the applicant’s permanent file. MLS students are accepted into the professional program as full-time or half-time enrollment. All students must be full-time during the Clinical Practicum semester.

In accordance with the directives of the Americans with Disabilities Act, students are required to inform faculty within two weeks of acceptance so that reasonable accommodation necessary to ensure that special needs necessary for learning can be met.