This pre-professional program for the bachelor’s degree prepares students for specialized graduate education.  Admittance to our graduate programs requires a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major and last 60 hours, as well as other conditions.  Please consult the department website ( for additional information.  The MA and AuD programs at WSU satisfy the minimum requirement for professional certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and for Kansas licensure and are accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) of ASHA.


Foundation courses must be complete with a C- (1.7) grade within the first 48 hours of college coursework.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ENGL 101 College English 1
ENGL 102 College English 2
COMM 111 Public Speaking
MATH 111 College Algebra
 or MATH 112 Pre-Calculus Math 3


  • General education coursework below is waived for students who have earned a prior bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Transfer students should confirm general education needs with a CHP academic advisor.
  • Students who have completed an AA or AS through a Kansas Community College may choose to fulfill general education requirements by completing two 300-level general education courses at Wichita State University (see WSU general education curriculum). These courses must represent two subject areas.
  • All students may follow this curriculum. 
  • At least 9 credit hours must be numbered 300 or higher.


Complete one course in each division (12 credit hours):

  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Social/Behavioral Science
  • Math/Natural Science


Complete four courses chosen from at least two of the four divisions above. (12 credit hours)

First-year students must complete a first-year seminar.


Transfer students may choose the Kansas Board of Regents curriculum if:

  • Admitted to WSU as a transfer student
  • 24 or more credit hours of college credit was completed after high school graduation


  • Fine Arts/Humanities (1st subject)
  • Fine Arts/Humanities (2nd subject)
  • Fine Arts/Humanities (3rd subject)
  • Fine Arts/Humanities (any subject)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (1st subject)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (2nd subject)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (3rd subject)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (any subject)
  • Math and Natural Science with lab (1st subject)
  • Math and Natural Science (2nd subject)
  • Math and Natural Science needed to reach 9 credit hours of MNS



Admission into professional BA CSD courses is monitored by the department and requires the following:

  • Overall 3.0 GPA
  • Complete two of the four pre-admission courses
  • Minimum grade of B/3.0 in each pre-admission course
  • Application is required for the CSD Honors Track

Pre-Admission Courses (11 credits)

B/3.0 or higher required in each course.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Semester
CSD 111 Disorders of Human Communication 3 Fall
CSD 301  A&P of Speech and Hearing Mechanism Fall
CSD 304 Early Language Development Spring
CSD 306/306L Applied Phonetics/Lab Spring

CSD Major Curriculum (32 credits)

C/2.0 or higher required in each course.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Semester
CSD 251 Auditory Development and Disorders 3 Fall
CSD 270   American Sign Language I Fall, Spring, Summer
CSD 351 Intro to Auditory Assessment 3 Spring
1CSD 425 Intro to Clinical Processes 2 Fall, Spring
2CSD 504 Aural Rehabilitation 3 Fall
CSD 506 Acoustic and Perceptual Phonetics 3 Spring
CSD 512  Communication in Special Populations: Children 3 Fall
CSD 517  Communication in Special Populations: Aging 3


CSD 518  Deaf Culture 3

Fall, Spring, Summer

3CSD 519 Genetic and Organic Syndromes 4


CSD 605 Neuroscience of Communication Sciences and Disorders 3

Fall, Spring

1 Prerequisites for CSD 425: Admission into the BA in CSD program, senior standing, instructor's consent, background check, established student health portal, current medical clearance, and completion of in-class HIPAA training

2 Prerequisite for CSD 504: CSD 351 or instructor's consent

3 Prerequisite for CSD 519: Admission into the BA in CSD program and completion of in-class HIPAA training.

Open Electives (around 39 credits)

Students must complete sufficient credits to fulfill graduation requirements. Recommendations follow.


ASHA Requirements

  • These courses are prerequisites for SLP and AuD graduate programs.
  • A grade of C (2.0) or higher required in each course.
Course Requirement Examples Course Options
Biological Science Biology, Human or Neuro Anatomy/Physiology, Human Genetics, Veterinary Science. Lab not required. BIOL 106, BIOL 210, BIOL 220, BIOL 223, HS 290
Physical Science Courses taught in Chemistry or Physics departments. Lab not required. CHEM 103, CHEM 110, PHYS 210 
Social/Behavioral Science Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Public Health PSY 111, SOC 111, ANTH 102
Statistics   STAT 370, PSY 301, ECON 231, SOC 313
Research Methods  

CJ 407, PSY 311, SOC 312

Recommended Electives

  • PHS 100 Intro to Aging Studies
  • COMM 302 Interpersonal Communication
  • CSD 481 Cooperative Education
  • PHS 344 Role of Culture in Health Care
  • MLS 203/303 Medical Terminology
  • PSY 323 Social Psychology
  • PSY 325 Developmental Psychology 

Recommended Minors

  • Signed Languages
  • Psychology
  • Aging Studies
  • Public Health
  • Communication
  • Modern and Classical Languages

Recommended Minors for Students Pursuing AuD

  • Health Management
  • Business
  • Management


  • Earn credit for 120 cumulative hours.
  • Earn credit in a minimum of 60 hours at a 4-year institution.
  • Earn credit in a minimum of 45 hours of upper-division coursework.
  • Complete all general education requirements.
  • Maintain an overall and WSU GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Maintain a program GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • At least 24 of last 30 or 50 of last 60 hours must be completed at WSU.