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Finish what you started at WSU Online

Keep moving towards your graduation! Take online courses led by the same faculty who teach on our campus. Learn how to apply and get enrolled in a fully online program at WSU.

How to prepare for WSU Online Programs

Is online learning right for me?

Just like face-to-face classes, online learning can differ depending on the instructor and the subject. Fully online courses often require more time and energy than regular classes. Although they are convenient and flexible, you must be disciplined enough to set aside time to study and participate. 

Take a Quiz: Online Readiness Self-Assessment

Learn More: Introduction to Learning Online

Check State Authorization

It is the your responsibility to understand current circumstances or special requirements in their state of residence before enrolling in an online program.

View: State Authorization Page

International Student Information

Learn the options available to students who want to study outside the United States.

View: International Student Information

Online Course Search Tool

The Wichita State University Course schedules are available to the public.  Find out what courses are offered online: Online and Hybrid Course Search.

Please note, you must be an admitted student to enroll in any course. If you are not a WSU student and only considering taking one course, you may apply as a non-degree seeking student.  This option will allow you to take courses as a college guest or non-degree seeking student. You can apply for admission, whether degree-seeking or non-degree seeking at:

 For college guests or non-degree seeking students: Please contact OneStop for academic advising.

Academic Calendar

Students in an online program will  follow the layout of the WSU Academic Calendar. The calendar is divided into three semesters. Fall and spring being 16 weeks long and summer semester being 8 weeks long. 

Please view the calendar to gain a better understanding on how semesters work. 

About WSU Online Learning Programs

How much will it cost?
Wichita State Online students pay in-state tuition regardless of where they live. The cost of tuition varies depending on degree, credits, and courses. Visit the tuition page for more information.
How long will it take?

Undergraduate Program: For bachelor's degrees, time to completion depends on your schedule, transfer credits and the program you choose.

Graduate Programs: Most Master's degrees at WSU require between 30-36 credit hours. How quickly you finish is up to you.

What will transfer?

Credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities will transfer to WSU. Credits will also be evaluated by your program of interest to see how many credits will count towards your major and how many will count as elective credits. Please note that if you have attended more than one higher education institution, you will need to submit an official transcript for each one. 

For undergraduate programs: Try the Transfer Gateway tool to help estimate how many credits will transfer over to Wichita State.

View: Where to send incoming transcripts

Choose an Online Program
 View online program options to learn more about specific program admission requirements and courses.

Don't see what you’re looking for? Browse our list of frequently asked questions for more information: Wichita State Online FAQ page 

WSU Application and Registration

What is Required for Admission?

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Graduate Admission Process

Check or update my application

In addition to meeting WSU admission requirements, please check to see if your program of interest has additional admission requirements.

Priority Application Deadlines

Wichita State Online has a priority deadline to help you speed up the application and enrollment process. This includes meeting with your advisor, creating a plan of study and registering for classes.

  • Fall Semester: July 1
  • Spring Semester: December 1
  • Summer Semester: April 1

Applications are still processed after these dates, however some classes may fill up faster than others. The Academic Calendar can help you know when school starts and the last day to enroll.

Registration/Enrollment Process

Registration (enrollment) is done online and begins each April for the following summer and fall semesters, and each November for the following spring semester. View details about the Registration Process.

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Get on the right track

We have created step-by-step video tutorials to help you become familiar with some essentials tools you will need to use once you become a WSU student.