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WWSU Board Members

Elected Officers

The elected officers of Women of Wichita State University (WWSU) are the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These elected officers make up the Executive Commmittee for WWSU.


The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committee Chairs unless otherwise stated by the Bylaws, and have general supervision of all activities of the organization.

1st Vice President

The First Vice President shall assist the President and, in the absence of the President, discharge her duties. The past President shall fill this position and be in charge of the annual membership drive.  She shall distribute the membership list to members by email.

2nd Vice President

The Second Vice President shall assist the President and, in the absence of the President and First Vice President, shall discharge the duties of the President.  She shall oversee the Social Chair and Fundraiser Chair.


The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the Executive Committee and Board meetings. She shall have charge of all organization correspondence.


The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds and financial records. She will be responsible for the collection and deposit all membership dues and deposits for all events.  She shall keep an itemized account of all transactions and pay all authorized expenditures.

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Appointed Officers

The appointed officers of WWSU consist of an Auditor, Courtesy Chair, Fundraiser Chair, Interest Group Chair, New Members Chair, Newsletter Chair, Scholarship Co-Chairs (for the WSU Dames, CUW and WWSU), Social Chair, and a Website/Publicity Chair.

Auditor Chair

The Auditor will coordinate an annual audit of the Treasurer’s records with the assistance of a faculty member in the Accounting Department at WSU by September 1 each year.

Courtesy Chair

The Courtesy Chair will be responsible for the following based on the updates posted to her email and then to the website Courtesy section:

    • Get well cards shall be sent to any member who is ill or hospitalized.
    • A baby card shall be sent to any member upon the birth or adoption of a baby.
    • Sympathy cards shall be sent upon the death of a member or the spouse and immediate family of a member.
    • At the death of a member, $25 shall be donated to: Women of Wichita State University Current Scholarship Fund.  For any life members, these funds will be donated in the organization they were awarded life membership.
    • Children’s books shall be purchased and placed in WSU’s Ablah Library in honor of each of the following:
      1. the wife of each new University or female University President
      2. the out-going President of WWSU
      3. WSU staff or faculty who is a member of WWSU at her retirement
Fundraiser Chair

The Fundraiser Chair will be responsible for coordinating a minimum of two events annually to raise funds for the scholarships.

Interest Groups Chair

The Interest Group Chair will coordinate the activities of each established interest groups director. The Chair is also in charge of helping new groups form as interest indicates.

New Members Chair

The New Members Chair will organize a welcome event for all new members and will maintain contact with these new members for a period of one year.

Newsletter Chair

The Newsletter Chair shall provide pertinent information to the membership and publish a newsletter distributed by email three times a year.

Publicity Chair
The Publicity Chair shall be responsible for maintaining the website and promoting the events of WWSU.
Scholarship Chair(s)
The Scholarship Chair will review applications and recommend recipients to the office of Financial Aid of Wichita State University. The Chair will appoint a committee to help with the review and recommend the scholarship recipients.
Social Chair
The Social Chair shall be responsible for assisting the Second Vice President to secure appropriate facilities for monthly luncheon meetings.  As directed, she will be responsible for providing programs for the meetings.

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The Board

The Executive Committee along with the Appointed Officers make up the Board for the Women of Wichita State University organization.  The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws and Constitution adopted by this organization.  The Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of WWSU between its business meetings/luncheons, establish the hour and place of meetings, make recommendations to the organization, and shall perform such other duties as are specified in the Bylaws.

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 2022-2023 WWSU Board Members


Executive Committee

President Angie Paul
1st Vice President Patsy Selby
2nd Vice President Carryl Baldwin
Secretary Anne Marie Brown
Treasurer Adrienne McAlpine

Board Members

Auditor Chair vacant  
Courtesy Chair Darlene Dinkel
Fundraiser Co-Chairs

Michelle DeHaven

Anne Marie Brown

Interest Groups Chair Twyla Hill
New Members Chair Twyla Hill
Newsletter Chair Michelle DeHaven
Publicity & Website Co-Chairs

Michelle DeHaven

Anne Marie Brown

Scholarship Chair

Anne Marie Brown
Social Chair Carryl Baldwin

Interest Groups

For more information about Interest Groups, visit our Interest Groups page.

Book Club Chair(s)

Angela Paul

Twyla Hill  

Friends & Food Chair Jill Fisher 
Lunch Bunch Chair(s)



New Members Chair Twyla Hill
Theatre Chair    

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Auditing: Responsible for auditing financial records of the organization.

Courtesy: Responsible for the amenities of the organization.

Fundraiser: Responsible for the oversight of annual scholarship fundraising activities.
Chairs: Michelle DeHaven and Anne Marie Brown

Interest Groups: Sees that all active Interest Groups have a Chair, transmits all names of interested members to that Chair, and makes sure that all participants in the Interest Groups are members of the organization. The Chair is also in charge of helping new groups form as interest indicates. Chair: Twyla Hill

Membership: This committee shall keep a current file of all members. The First Vice-President is Chair: Patsy Selby

New Members:  Committee to assist new members in getting acquainted with the group.  
Chair:  Twyla Hill

Newsletter: Provides pertinent information to the membership. Chair: Michelle DeHaven

Social: Responsible for providing programs for all meetings. Chair:  Carryl Baldwin

Scholarship: Responsible for managing the WWSU funds and selecting recipients.
Chair: Anne Marie Brown

Website/Publicity:  Maintains the website.  Co-Chairs: Michelle DeHaven and Anne Marie Brown

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