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2019 - 2020

Auditing: Responsible for auditing financial records of the organization. Chair: Lauren May with assistance from the Accounting Faculty

Courtesy: Responsible for the amenities of the organization. Chair: Mary Herrin

Fundraiser: Responsible for the oversight of annual scholarship fundraising activities. Chair: Marche Fleming-Randle

Interest Groups: Sees that all active Interest Groups have a Chair, transmits all names of interested members to that Chair, and makes sure that all participants in the Interest Groups are members of the organization. The Chair is also in charge of helping new groups form as interest indicates. Chair: Angela Paul

Membership: This committee shall keep a current file of all members. The First Vice-President is Chair: Shannon Koehn

New Members:  Committee to assist new members in getting acquainted with the group.   Chair:  Twyla Hill

Newsletter: Provides pertinent information to the membership. Chair: Adrienne McAlpine

Social: Responsible for providing programs for all meetings. Chair: Blair Miller

Scholarship: Responsible for managing the WSU Dames Scholarship funds and selecting recipients. Chair:Jolynne Campbell and Breann Gilkey
                        Responsible for managing the CUW Scholarship funds and selecting recipients. Chair: Shannon Koehn and Alex Oakley

Website/Publicity:  Maintains the website.  Chair: Hannah Bates