Women of Wichita State Membership

  • Step 1 of WWSU Membership may be completed by paying your annual dues at wichita.edu/WWSUmarketplace. Payment of annual dues is required for participation in all WWSU interest groups, meetings and activities planned for the year.  All dues and donations are used to support scholarships.
  • Step 2 of WWSU Membership is completing the Annual Membership Application which follows.

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Current employees of Wichita State University, spouses of WSU employees, and WSU retirees should complete the following information about themselves.
Our organization is diverse, and our members' interests travel many different paths!
The following small groups are defined and organized by the membership, offering different times and a variety of venues to provide you an opportunity to join other women in camaraderie with similar interests.
We encourage you to check all groups in which you are interested in joining to help you  become more active in the University community.
Interest Groups
The WWSU Membership List containing members names and contact information is shared with all current members.