ePAF Training

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAFs) allow departments to submit online employment position requests for non-benefited employees using Banner Self Service.

ePAF Training sessions are available for both new and experienced ePAF Originators (those that enter the information into Banner Self Service) and Approvers (primary and proxy).

  • Full ePAF training is required for all new ePAF Originators. 
  • ePAF Approval training is required for new ePAF Approvers and Proxy Approvers.

Training sessions are co-facilitated by Payroll, Human Resources and ITS Applications Training and are offered once a month. 

Open Lab sessions are also offered once a month.

Both sessions are posted in myTraining

Access Requests

Access Requests: Budget Officers, please submit the following information in to ePAF@wichita.edu and training@wichita.edu

For Approvers & Proxy Approvers
  • Indicate: Proxy (Backup) or Approver access is requested
  • Employee Name
  • Employee myWSU ID
  • Approval Level(s):   Business Manager (Level 3);  Department Supervisor (Level 10 or 11); Chair/Budget Officer (Level 15)   
  • Listing of all needed organization codes (10XXXX, 70XXXX) 
For Originators
  • Employee Name
  • Employee myWSU ID
  • Listing of all needed organization codes (10XXXX, 70XXXX) 
  • Select the type of ePAF access needed:
    Student; Graduate Assistant; Lecturer / Temporary (U3/U4); Additional Compensation;  Campus Box Address/Phone Changes