Schedule Building Documents:

Schedule Building Date Ranges

Some colleges/departments may have earlier due dates. The following schedule building dates are subject to change by the Registrar's Office:

Schedule Building Dates
Schedule Building Term Start Date End Date Part of Term Template
Fall (202410)
 November 21, 2022
January 27, 2023
Summer (202330)
 November 21, 2022
January 6, 2023
Spring (202320)
 July 5, 2022
September 2 , 2022

Instructional Method Codes

Instructional Method Codes
Code Description Definition
TCI Traditional Classroom Instruction Instruction delivered in-person during regular meetings during the term; TCI courses may also use Blackboard for information delivery and assignment submission. Courses using ITV/IDL should use the TCI method.
HYB Hybrid Instruction Instruction delivered through a combination of online and traditional meeting type; use of Blackboard does not necessarily constitute online instruction nor make a course a hybrid. If online instruction reduces (but does not eliminate) classroom seat-time, this code may be used. HYB method should be used for courses such as Co-op, Internship, Practicum, Student Teaching, Clinical Rotations, etc.
IIE Online Instruction Asynchronous instruction delivered entirely online; no need for specific online meeting days/times. No requirement to physically attend a WSU campus for a class, exam, or to access required resources.
IIS Online
Synchronous Instruction
Synchronous instruction delivered entirely online. Requires assigned meeting days/times for synchronous teaching so students know they are required to login on specific days/times for online instruction.
HYO  Online Hybrid Instruction delivered entirely online, but course also requires students to physically attend exams or access required resources on campus.


Details of Course Schedule Roll

  1. Meeting days and times are rolled, and can be changed if desired.
  2. Buildings and rooms are not rolled, and should be entered if appropriate.
  3. Instructors are not rolled; please enter, attached to the sections.
  4. CRN’s are not rolled; a new one is created when the roll is done.
  5. No cross-listings, co-requisites, or links are rolled. Send these to to be entered.
  6. Attributes are rolled; please do not change any of them.
  7. The text for notes is not rolled, and will need to be re-entered.
  8. Special approval restrictions are rolled.
  9. The quota is rolled. Be sure to change if needed. On the tab for quota, the box that says “prior” has the actual enrollment for that section from the previous corresponding term.
  10. Waitlist maximums are rolled; you may update and/or enter this field.
  11. All course restrictions and prerequisites are rolled from the course file. These can be checked in Banner on SSARRES and SSAPREQ.

Learning Guides

WSU Reporting

Schedule Building Reports are located in WSU Reporting and can be accessed from Some Schedule Building reports update nightly and are accurate as of the previous day information. Check the bottom left of the report for the following:

  • Banner Production (Live Data)
  • Overnight Refresh:
    • Data Warehouse
    • Business Intelligence Predictive Model (BIPM) 

Schedule Building Reports

  • RO00082-Schedule of Courses
  • RO00102-Building and Room Schedule
  • RO00103-Schedule of Courses Errors and Warnings
  • RO00128-Course Schedule Changes