Suspenders4Hope #WSUWeSupportU are creating communities of support for mental health and increase increase connection for our WSU community.

Two friends in Suspenders4Hope shirts

Suspenders4Hope #WSUWeSupportU

#WSUWeSupportU and #WeSupportU prevention programs have been helping to support WSU students since 2016 by providing training, education and community support. Created by Counseling Services under the GLS grant, a campus using #WeSupportU is immediatly noticeable by the suspenders shirts dotted throughout the student population.


Areas of Focus

Suicide Prevention Yellow

Preventing suicide starts with asking the question, "Have you been considering suicide?" Take the training and learn about the #ShareAskSupport method to help someone in need.

Sexual Violence Prevention Purple

Together we can hold our peers accountable and reduce the perpetration of sexual and interpersonal violence.

Substance Abuse Red

Learn about safe drinking and how to help your friends and classmates have fun in ways that don't put lives in danger.

Mental Wellness Green

CAPS and #WeSupportU content to support your mental health.

Counseling and Prevention Services