Membership Pricing

PRICES Fall or Spring Summer
General Membership $40 $30
Partner $45 $35
Dependent $35 $25
Retired Faculty/Staff Free Free
Students Automatic membership
with class enrollment & student fees.
Step-out $18 $18
Partner $25 $20
Dependent $25 $20

*Prices do not include sales tax

Please Note:

  • General Membership includes Faculty/Staff/Affiliates/Partners.

  • Payroll Deduction: This option is available year-round to WSU Faculty and Staff. Bi-weekly deduction is based on the annual membership fee for faculty/staff. As low as $6.57 a month. WSU Faculty and Staff who enroll in payroll deduction remain active members year-round. If termination of membership is requested a payroll deduction cancellation form is available at the Guest Services Desk.

  • Employees are not required to purchase their own membership in order to sponsor his/her spouse for memberships. The sponsor must be present to purchase a first time spouse/partner membership.

  • Current Wichita State University students receive an automatic membership to the Campus Recreation services through class enrollment and payment of fees. Student membership is effective only during the semester the student is enrolled in. Students must show their Shocker Card each time they enter the activity wing, whether for a class or recreation.

  • Taking a class for which you do not pay fees does not make one eligible to use Campus Recreation services.

  • Partners and Dependent(s) of students: Students can sponsor their spouse and dependent(s) for semester-by-semester membership. One fee includes all dependents.

  • Student membership is effective only during the semester student is enrolled in. Students who are not enrolled in summer school, but were enrolled in the spring semester are eligible to purchase a summer membership for $18.00 + tax. Wichita State University graduates (graduated in the May prior) are also eligible to buy a summer membership for $18.00 + tax. This is a one-time membership that expires at the end of the summer session.