Foundation Course Requirements

These courses must be completed in your first 48 credit hours of enrollment

with a grade of C- or better.

  • ENGL 101 or 100 - College English 1 -or- English Comp. (for non-native speakers) (3)
  • ENGL 102 - College English II (3)
  • COMM 111 - Public Speaking (3)
  • MATH 111 or 112 - College Algebra or Precalculus (3)

Foundation Courses are part of the Advanced Standing Requirements.

Transfer students who complete Business Calculus or Calculus with a grade of C- or better do not need to take College Algebra or Precalculus.

Official Basic Skills 48 hour

Students must complete 6 hours of English composition, 3 hours of communication, and 3 hours of college algebra with a grade of C- or better in each within their first 48 college hours. Failure to complete this requirement will bar a student from enrolling in upper-division business courses.

All foundation course requirements in the general education program must be met by undergraduates enrolled in a Wichita State University bachelor's degree program within the first 48 hours of enrollment toward the degree, not including guest student credit and AP credit.

Students who do not meet this requirement will be allowed to complete the basic skills requirement in the first semester of enrollment subsequent to their having reached the 48-credit plateau.

Students who transfer to the university with at least 48 credit hours earned from an accredited institution but who have not completed Wichita State University's basic skills requirements shall have two semesters to complete the basic skills requirement with the required C- or better grade.

Students who fail to pass basic skills courses in a timely fashion as defined above shall not be permitted further enrollment at the university except for enrollment in the basic skills courses.

Refer to your Degree Works audit for the following requirements:

Have a minimum overall and Wichita State University institutional GPA of 2.25

Complete at least 50% of upper-division business credit hours at WSU

Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours for a first degree or 154 credit hours for a second degree

Complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at a four-year institution

Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at WSU

Complete 24 of the last 30 credits hours at WSU

Complete a minimum of 45 credit hours in upper-division courses (300-level or above, excluding BADM 301)

Only ¼ of total credit hours can be grades of D

Advising Appointments

Advising focuses on helping students progress toward their educational objectives and career goals. To schedule an appointment, call (316) 978-3203, or stop by the Barton School Student Success Center in Clinton Hall, Room 008.

Who is required to see a Business Advisor?

Business students who are REQUIRED to see a business advisor before they can enroll are:

  • First Semester Transfer Students to the Barton School of Business (includes current WSU students from other colleges on-campus)
  • Graduating Seniors from Business (students also have the option to fill out the MGMT 681 form to be cleared without meeting with an academic advisor)
  • Business Students with Academic Holds (for example, 48-Hour Basic Skill Hold)

Students are welcome to make an appointment to see an academic advisor for enrollment, academic issues, or other concerns.

Business Degrees at WSU

Undergraduate students in the W. Frank Barton School of Business can receive a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in these majors. See Business Degree Requirements for additional information about business degrees.


The School of Accountancy offers courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, and accounting information systems.


The Department of Economics offers courses work in three areas of study - macroeconomic theory, microeconomic theory, and statistics and quantitative methods.


If you want to establish your own enterprise or operate a new and rapidly growing business, consider the Entrepreneurship major. This degree program offers special training to help you prepare for involvement with a family-owned business, new business development, or other innovative activities within large corporations.


Finance is the study of acquisition, dispersion, and flow of funds within an organization. Wichita State University's degree program in finance allows you the freedom to concentrate in the following areas: investments, financial markets and institutions, corporate financial management, or real estate and land use economics.

Business Administration

If you want to pursue a broad-based and management-oriented undergraduate degree and increase your knowledge in the basic business disciplines and functions, the Business Administration major is for you. The program is ideal if you want to pursue a career in general management, expect to join a family business, or want to work for a small or medium-sized business (as opposed to a large corporation).

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management major prepares you to perform various facets of the human resource management functions, including recruitment, selection, training and development, and compensation. You'll take courses in human resource management as well as general management courses in leadership, motivation, communication, and organizational development and design. The Wichita State University program is the only human resource management degree in the Kansas Board of Regent's System.

International Business
The International Business major is a multi-disciplinary program that will prepare you for doing business in a global environment. You'll take courses from various departments in the Barton School of Business as well as languages, culture, and area studies courses from liberal arts and sciences.
The Management curriculum is a skills-based curriculum designed to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. The skills learned have been identified by employers as necessary for effective management at all levels.
Information Technology & MIS
If you want a career in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technology (IT), then consider this major. This IT & MIS major is an integrated sequence of seven courses which prepare you for a variety of IT positions including business applications programmer, system analyst, database designer, web developer, network administrator and departmental MIS manager.
Marketing encompasses consumer behavior, retail business site selection, store layout, distribution, sales promotion of new and existing products or services, impact of foreign cultures and marketing systems, budgetary issues, market information and sales force management.
Majors with an Emphasis in Real Estate

Finance - Real Estate

Marketing - Real Estate

Economics - Real Estate

Entrepreneurship - Real Estate

Wichita State University is the only Kansas Board of Regents institution to offer a degree program in real estate. By providing an emphasis through four different majors, Wichita State University allows you to custom design your program of study in a unique way. Student wanting to earn an emphasis in real estate may do so through the following majors: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing.

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