Team Registration

2017 Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge


Registration is now closed. Deadline to register was noon, Feb. 17, 2017.

Note the following rules regarding registration:

  1. Unique coach – The same person cannot be the “official coach” of more than one team
  2. Unique team name – Choose a unique name for your team.
  3. Coach must include his/her contact information
  4. Team must include the appropriate number of team members (refer to minimum and maximum numbers in Team Rules and Information.
  5. Team names should be noticeably different (Shockers 1 and Shockers 2 will not be accepted - this causes problems in scoring errors).

If the above rules are not followed, the team will not be officially registered. Teams registered without the correct number of students will not be considered registered until they have the required number of students listed (please do not register until you have the correct number of team members and can submit students' names) .