Team Display
(250 Points)

ALL TEAMS (Beginner, Beginner II, Intermediate, and Expert) participate in the Team Display Competition.

Each team will be provided a table for a display that should provide an overview of the team and its efforts/activities to build a team and prepare for the MINDSTORMS Challenge. Teams are encouraged to be creative and to express the "personality" of the team in their display.

All Team Displays will be limited to the surface area of the provided 6' x 2.5' table. Additional items under the table or around the table will not be considered in the judging. No electricity will be provided. Teams may provide their own battery or other power source if it fits under their table. NO cords may be placed across the floor to the Table Displays.

TIP: If a computer presentation is part of your display, consider putting the presentation on two or more computers, swapping the computer in the display area as needed to re-charge in the work area where electricity is provided.

The Team Display should be set up by team members only. Coaches and parents may help team members carry items into the gymnasium, but all set up should be done by team members only.

NOTE: NO candy or other food items are allowed at the Team Display or anywhere in the Heskett Gymnasium.

Teams can earn 250 points for the Team Display. One award will be given at each level: Beginner, Beginner II, Intermediate, and Expert, for teams earning the most points within that level. Points from Team Display apply toward the overall awards in each level.

Team Notebooks should be left on the Team Display table.

Team Display Scoring Sheet