Day on the Farm

Professional Mission created by Dr. Rena Hixon

(Intermediate and Expert Teams)

The Story: The farmer is tired of taking care of all of his chores. Therefore, he has decided that he needs a robot to do all of his chores. He has a four silos and one of them is decaying and needs to be torn down. The robot needs to identify the decaying silo and knock it down. The windmill is needed to get water for the animals. Turning the windmill will help get the animals watered. Every now and then, the farmer needs to relax and he sets up his targets to shoot. He has decided he wants to see if the robot can take out as many targets as he can! There are a couple of switches that need to be toggled to feed the animals. A couple of animals got out and need to be put back into their pen. The truck has feed and needs to be moved to another location. After chores are done, the robot needs to be able to return to home base so it can be ready for the next time the farmer wants a break.

Scoring Matix (click to download) (MS Word)

Bill of Materials (click to download) (MS Word)

Drawings (click to download) (PDF)

Build instructions (click to download) (PDF)

Farm Block Placement Radomizer Explained (click to download) (MS Word)