Team Notebook
(500 points)

ALL TEAMS (Beginner, Beginner II, Intermediate, and Expert) participate in the Team Notebook Competition.

The Team Notebook should be maintained throughout the entire season as the team prepares for the MINDSTORMS Challenge and should reflect the journey the team went through to prepare for the competition.

Team Notebooks should be well organized, and should include a table of contents, problems that the team encountered, criteria and constraints that were met and dealt with, proposed solutions, testing information, evaluation, and improvements. Teams are encouraged to include drawings, pictures, charts, graphs, etc.

Team Notebooks should be left on the table with the Team Display. Judges will score the Team Notebooks between 9:30am - 2:00pm on Challenge Day. The judging panel will consist of representatives from the Colleges of Engineering and Education, and local industry.

Your Team Notebook may also be used during your Team Presentation or Team Interview. If you remove your Team Notebook from your Team Display table, leave a note on your table for the Judges explaining that your Notebook is currently being used in your Team Presentation or Team Interview.

Teams can earn 500 points for the Team Notebook. One award will be given at each level: Beginner, Beginner II, Intermediate, and Expert, for teams earning the most points within that level. Points from Team Notebook apply toward the overall awards in each level.

Team Notebook Scoring Sheet