Wonder WuMan

Professional Mission created by Dr. Gary Brooking

(Intermediate and Expert Teams)

The story: During the reign of the Greek gods, there was a powerful, all-female tribe, the Amazons. Each woman was a strong warrior, but one stood out to be extraordinary, the lovely Princess Diana of Themyscira. After proving herself to the Greek gods as a noble and fierce warrior of the truth, the gods determined that she was worthy of super human powers. They sent her on a quest, without her knowing of her newly acquired powers, to test her. The various challenges required her to discover her super strength, super speed, and invisibility. Along the way, the gods placed an "item of wonder" for her to collect. After completing the mission, she was bestowed the new duty of protecting the citizens of the world, and to them she will forever be known as Wonder WuMan!

Course Description: Throughout the course, the robot will need to follow the designated path (black line). Your team will earn points for arriving at certain destinations on the board. Points will also be awarded for completing certain tasks. Your robot should start at the top of the W on the left side. Moving down the first "leg" of the course, the robot can discover Super Strength by moving a heavy boulder (empty soda can) from its starting position to the end of the "leg" within the designated circle. Your team will receive 50 points for moving the boulder from its original position, and 50 points for passing Checkpoint 1. If any part of the boulder (soda can) is inside or touching the circle, you will receive 50 points and if the entire boulder is placed inside the circle, you will receive an extra 100 points! Going up the second leg of the W, the robot will encounter a ramp. If your robot can successfully go over the ramp, you will discover Super Speed and receive 50 points when all wheels/tracks have touched the first ramp and other 50 points for completely exiting the first ramp. If your robot passes Checkpoint 2, but doesn't go off the course, you will receive another 100 points. Turning the corner and going down the third leg of the W, your robot will need to pass through the Tunnel of Invisibility. When all of your robot is inside the tunnel, you will earn 50 points. If you successfully exit the tunnel, you will receive an additional 50 points. By passing Checkpoint 3, you will receive another 100 points. Taking a sharp turn and going up the fourth and last leg of the W, your robot will need to collect the item of wonder (ping pong ball) to collect 50 points and store it in a safe place (corral). If any part of the ball touches the white floor, inside or outside wall of the coral you will get 50 points. If all of the ball remains completely inside the coral at the end of the run, you get an extra 100 points. If your robot can finish the course by following the dashed lines and arriving at Checkpoint 4, you will receive 150 points. The greatest accomplishment of all can only be earned by completing the entire course ... that is to be known forever as Wonder WuMan!

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