Team Interview
(500 points)

The Team Interview is required for Beginner II Teams. The Interview allows teams to share what they have learned in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

The Team Interview allows teams to talk about their experiences preparing for the Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge. Questions will not be technical, but will focus on team building, strategies for running the courses, etc.

Team Interviews will take place in a classroom. Both students and interviewers will be seated. Teams will have up to 2 minutes to reply to each question, and more than one student can participate in the response. Teams may have three observers present.

Interviewers will ask team members 5 questions that are randomly chosen from the 15 questions listed below. The atmosphere will be relaxed and conversational.

2017 Shocker MINDSTORMS Interview Questions:

  1. What are the basic steps in the engineering design process?
  2. How did you “identify the problem” for the Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge?
  3. How did you “generate ideas” with your team for building your robot?
  4. Is it important to have a design in mind before you start the building process? Why or why not?
  5. How did you “test” your robot?
  6. Did your original design work as you intended? Why or why not?
  7. What does it mean to “refine” your design?
  8. What changes in your robot did you make along the way?
  9. How did your team members help each other to make your robot better?
  10. What did your team do when you had a problem you weren't sure how to solve?
  11. How did you feel about trying things you didn't know would work?
  12. Identify an important lesson you learned working on your team.
  13. What would you tell a friend about joining a Shocker MINDSTORMS team?
  14. What did you do to get to know your teammates so you could work together well?
  15. What did you like best about being on a Shocker MiNDSTORMS team?

Teams can earn 500 points for the Team Interview. One award will be given at the Beginner II level to the team earning the most points. Points from the Team Interview apply toward the overall awards at the Beginner II level.

Team Interview Scoring Sheet

Team Interview Schedule on Challenge Day, March 11