Documents and Reports 2022-2023 

KBOR Transfer Policy for General Education (markup version)  (8/22/22)

KBOR Transfer Policy for General Education, scroll to bottom and view 18. Systemwide General Education Program  (8/22/22)

Teaching Evaluation Task Force Committee - Proposal for Ad Hoc Committee  (8/22/22)

Faculty Evaluation Alignment Committee - Proposal for Ad Hoc Committee  (8/22/22)

19.18 Third Party Data Transfer - Draft Policy (8/22/22)

Third Party Data Transfer and International Travel Presentation  (8/22/22)

Statement on Market-Based Compensation Program from Chase Billingham  (9/12/22)

Wichita State University Faculty Senate Resolution  (9/12/22)

Presidents Innovation Advisory Council  (9/12/22)

Faculty Senate Town Hall - KBOR update in consideration of Pandemic Policy implementation at ESU  (9/19/22)

KBOR ESU Workforce Management Advisory Letter AAUP  (9/19/22) 

Institutional Problems Resulting from Financial Exigency: Some Operating Guidelines  (9/19/22) 

Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure  (9/19/22) 

The Use and Abuse of Faculty Suspensions  (9/19/22)

1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom  (9/19/22)

Informal Statement from John Hammond  (9/26/22)

WSU Faculty Senate Resolution in Opposition to ESU Actions   (9/26/22)

University Faculty Committee Vacancies   (9/26/22) 

University Faculty Committee Vacancies   (10/10/22)

KBOR Agenda - Visit to Wichita State, October 19, 2022   (10/10/22)

WSU Budget Funding Cycle - Key Milestones presented by David Miller (10/10/22) 

WSU Tech presentation by Linda Sessions  (10/24/22)

English as a Second Language (ESL) at WSU presented by Aimee Leisy  (10/24/22)

Sharing Teaching Resources through the WSU Academic Resources Conferences (ARCs) presented by Carolyn Speer  (10/24/22) 

KBOR/rpk Academic Portfolio and Workload Reviews  (10/28/22)

2022 Hanover Climate Survey   (11/14/22) 

Overview of the Mill Levy Process presented by Andy Schlapp  (11/28/22)  

Ombudsperson Update presented by Carolyn Shaw  (11/28/22) 

rpk WSU Workload Review Data, November 11, 2022  (11/28/22)

rpk KBOR Special Meeting notice, December 1,  Livestream  (11/28/22)

rpk KBOR Steering Team Meeting draft presentation, December 1  (12/1/22)

rpk Feedback Form  (12/1/22)

rpk KBOR Academic Portfolio Review Framework  (12/14/22)

January 2023 rpk Program Review Final Report (1/11/23)

KBOR rpk WSU data as of December 1, 2022   (1/23/23)

Budget Advisory Committee from David Miller  (1/23/23)

NTT Faculty Senate Presentation by Rebecca Reiling (1/23/23)

Teaching Evaluation Taskforce Update presented by Brandy Jackson  (1/23/23)

WSU CES Main Course Evaluation presented by Brandy Jackson  (1/23/23) 

OneStop Student Services Overview presented by Aaron Hamilton  (1/30/23) 

KBOR Systemwide GE Framework and Proposed WSU GE Program presented by Mathew Muether  (1/30/23)

WSU General Education Program presented by Mathew Muether  (1/30/23)

WSU General Education Program Comparison of Old and New presented by Mathew Muether  (1/30/23)

rpk Academic Portfolio Review Feedback  (1/30/23)

Faculty Senate Workshops, rpk feedback compiled notes presented by Susan Castro (2/13/23)

WSU General Education Program update presented by Mathew Muether  (2/13/23)

WSU General Education Program update presented by Mathew Muether  (2/27/23)

HR Update presented by Vicki Whisenhant  (2/27/23)

Amendements to General Education Transfer Proposal submitted in advance of General Faculty Meeting, March 31, 2023  (3/6/23)

NTT Recommended Policy Changes to 4.01 Faculty Appointments presented by Chris Stone (3/27/23)

Syllbus Template recommendations presented by Susan Castro  (3/27/23)

AIPC Handbook Revision Proposal Presentation by Brandon Buerge  (3/27/23)

Proposal to update Academic Integrity Handbook (markup version, clean version) presented by Brandon Buerge and Teri Hall (3/27/23)

General Faculty Meeting Presentation by Susan Castro  (3/31/23) 

Council of Chief Academic Officers (CoCAO), Provosts' Perspectives on Academic Program Review (recommendations to KBOR)  (4/24/23)

AIPC Handbook Revision Proposal Update Presentation by Brandon Buerge  (4/24/23)

Talent Management Revisioning Update and Introduction presented by Krista Thacker  (4/24/23)

APC Task Force Update presented by Clay Stoldt and Kevin Saal  (4/24/23)

Informal Statement on SB 180 from Chase Billingham  (5/8/23)

AIPC Handbook Revision Amended Proposal presented by John Hammond  (5/8/23)

FS Executive Committee Slate for Senate Confirmation presented by Jolynn Dowling  (5/8/23)

FS Standing Committee Appointments for Senate Confirmation presented by Jolynn Dowling  (5/8/23)

FS Senators Elected for 2023-2025 Term presented by Jolynn Dowling  (5/8/23)

FS Remaining Senate and Committee Vacancies presented by Jolynn Dowling  (5/8/23)

Faculty Senate Annual Report 2022-2023 (5/8/23)