Create a course of study to explore both theory and application of legal and policy studies.

The Law and Public Policy Track is designed for students who are considering careers in law or public policy. This track offers the opportunity to put together a course of study to explore both theory and application in legal and policy studies. Students who complete the requirements for this track earn a transcript designation.


Learn How to:
  • View law, politics, and public affairs from a variety of perspectives
  • Apply your knowledge of law and public policy to create real-world solutions
  • Prepare for a wide range of career options such as law, lobbying, journalism, campaigning, and the non-profit sector
Minimum Requirements (12 credit hours):
  • Core Course: Survey of Law and Public Policy (HNRS 352) (3 credit hours)
  • Directed Electives (one Theory Elective and one Applied Elective) (6 credit hours)
  • Applied Learning (3 credit hours)
This track enables faculty-student collaboration that benefits both parties. Two students who worked on and presented a paper with me now work in United States Senate offices.
Neal Allen, PH.D. , Faculty Coordinator, Law and Public Policy Track
Theory Electives:
  • Politcal Theory and Philosophy (POLS 232)
  • Contemporary Philospohy of Law Honors (312H)
  • Political Philosophy (PHIL 313)
  • US Constitutional History to 1865 (HIST 517)
  • US Constitutional History after 1865 (HIST 518)
  • Law in American Society (HIST 543)
  • Law and Modern American Civil Rights (HIST 599AA)
Applied Electives:
  • Perspectives on Social Welfare (SCWK 300)
  • Criminal Law (CJ 315)
  • Criminal Procedure (CJ 320)
  • Civil Liberties (POLS 356)
  • Supreme Court (PolS 357)
  • Legal Environment of Business (BLAW 431)
  • Urban Sociology (SOC 534) 
Popular Courses:
  • Law in American Society (HIST 543)
  • Criminal Law (CJ 315)
  • Civil Liberties (POLS 356)
  • Legal Environment of Business (BLAW 431)
  • Honors Travel Seminar (HNRS 398)
  • Honors Internship (HNRS 481N)

Visit with the Honors Academic Advisor to plan your course of study. Prepare for your advising meeting by checking the Undergraduate Catalog for details about the Honors Law & Public Policy Track requirements.