Join the Cohen Honors College - Application opens Aug 1st

Read carefully through eligibility and application information on this page.

* Students must have a WSU ID number and password in order to log in to the Honors College application. You will receive this ID when you are admitted to the university.

  • High school seniors are eligible to apply for the Lenora McGregor Scholarship. Submit your Honors College application by January 1st to be considered for the Lenora McGregor Scholarship.
  • Application review and notification occurs monthly November through June.
  • Honors College Admission decisions for all applicants who apply by Nov 1 will be emailed and mailed by the end of December. 

Who Can Apply

High school seniors, transfer students, and any current WSU students are all welcome to apply for Honors.

High school seniors typically apply for fall admission. Current and transfer students are welcome to apply to start in honors in the spring or fall semester. Find the application link below.

⇒ Applications are reviewed monthly from November 1 to June 30. Application for each spring semester is available up to one week before the first day of spring classes.

⇒ Apply by January 1st to the Honors College to be considered for the McGregor Scholarship program (high school seniors only).

⇒ Apply by February 1st to receive priority consideration for the Honors Merit Scholarship.

⇒ Transferring from an honors program or college? Speak to the Honors College Advisor about having honors credits counted toward a WSU honors distinction.

We offer multiple tracks or "paths" toward earning an honors distinction, so whether you're coming in with no college credits or many general education courses completed, we have a plan for you! And we know one of the greatest benefits of joining Honors is being surrounded by ambitious students from all majors.

Admission Requirements

There are no minimum ACT/SAT or GPA requirements for admission to the Cohen Honors College.

So how do we determine acceptance? A holistic review of each applicant. We want to learn about you -- how your involvement and experiences have shaped you, your family and community. We look for evidence of qualities such as a creative approach to solving problems; urge to make a positive impact on the community and in the world; open-minded embrace of diversity in backgrounds, values and perspectives; and the willingness and ability to take on intellectual challenges.

While we do not require a minimum ACT/SAT or GPA, we do consider your scores as part of our review with greater emphasis being placed on your essay and resume. We know some students will not have test scores or will have scores delayed due to testing date cancellations this year. Students without an ACT/SAT score are still encouraged to apply.

To receive priority consideration for the Honors College Merit Scholarship, high school seniors and transfer students must apply by February 1. You will receive notification of our decision by WSU email and in a mailed letter.

Application Components

As part of your application, you will be required to submit an essay and a polished resume.

Interested in law? Save a copy of your honors application essay to apply for the Legal Education Accelerated Degree program as well! LEAD students will begin and end their educational journeys together, completing the program with a bachelor’s degree from Wichita State and a juris doctorate from the University of Kansas.


This essay is a critical piece of your application to the Cohen Honors College. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you beyond your resume and academic record.

The Cohen Honors College challenges students to uphold four pillars: to be intellectual, professional, innovative, and transformative. Which of these pillars are you best prepared to fulfill and which will be the most challenging to fulfill?  Explain in an organized essay of 500-1000 words.

You may use “I” in this essay, and we encourage you to be creative, but remember this should be an organized essay that demonstrates your ability to write clearly, think critically and reflect on your experience. Enjoy writing your essay, and we’ll enjoy reading your essay.

For more help writing your essay, check out this advice from Undergraduate Admissions Officers on Purdue’s Online Writing Lab

Important note: The McGregor application uses the same essay prompt as the Honors application.  Please save your essay to use in both applications!


Your resume should be polished and give us a picture of your life experience as well as your work experience. You may include travel, volunteer work, paid work, creative work, family responsibilities, athletics, music and other experiences. 


You will have the option to include a short essay (500 words or less) with additional information you would like to share that may be helpful as your application is reviewed for admission.

Maintaining Eligibility

To remain in good standing in the Cohen Honors College, you must do the following:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and take at least 3 Honors credits (one Honors class) each year or complete an honors track, AND
  • Enroll in and successfully complete at least 12 credit hours at WSU each semester (fall and spring)

Note: If students have fewer than 24 hours remaining in their degree program, enrollment exceptions may be granted on an individual review based on a written request. 

Are you ready to join the Cohen Honors College?

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