Applied Learning

We hope that you'll develop your talents and pursue your interests in Honors, but we also hope you'll use those talents toward a larger purpose. Applied learning is a great way to test out your knowledge and leadership skills, to get field experience in your major or an area of interest. In other words, applied learning is a way to be transformational. 

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Honors students working toward a leadership, law & public policy or interdisciplinary track are required to complete applied learning such as service-learning, study abroad or an internship experience. 

Fund Your Adventure

Apply for a Cohen Enhancement Scholarship of up to $4000 to study abroad, support an unpaid internship in the public sector, attend a national conference or engage in undergraduate research and creative activity.

Research & Creative Activity

Emory Lindquist Honors Scholars are required to complete an independent or collaborative undergraduate research or creative activity experience. There are multiple ways to meet this requirement. Take HNRS 486 Collaborative Research in your 2nd or 3rd year, register for HNRS 485 to work independently with a faculty mentor or to earn credit for an existing research experience, or submit a petition to document how you've met Honors Research Outcomes.

Visit the Undergraduate Research webpage for information about funding for research
Steps to enroll in HNRS 485
  • Identify a faculty mentor. This may be someone with whom you are already doing research or may be a faculty member whose research interests you.
  • Talk to the faculty member about serving as an instructor of record (faculty mentor) for your research independent study for the semester.
  • Don’t worry if a faculty member says they don’t have time this semester. They may be able to recommend someone else.
  • Make sure the faculty member knows the Honors research outcomes – listed below.
  • Submit a request for permission to enroll in HNRS 485 (3 credit hours) by emailing the name of your faculty mentor to
    • Type “request for permission to enroll in HNRS 485” in the subject line.
    • Include your name and WSU ID.
    • Be sure to copy the faculty member on the email. We will accept this as their approval.
Honors Research  Outcomes
  • Explain basic principles of human subject research and research ethics
  • Identify research questions, arguments and practices in a variety of discipline
  • Appreciate research and creative methodologies and problems from a variety of disciplines
  • Formulate a research question or research-based creative project in a field or profession of the student’s choice
  • Read and evaluate research materials from a chosen field
  • Present research or creative interests to a potential faculty mentor
  • Create a research or creative project plan
  • Conduct preliminary research at the discretion of faculty mentor and with faculty mentor guidance
  • Present a research question, research materials, and, potentially, preliminary research to a diverse audience
  • Evaluate peer research questions, research plans and presentations
Steps to count existing research for the Honors Research or Creative Activity requirement

If you’ve already completed a McNair Scholar program project or substantial faculty-mentored research, you can submit a petition for an exception form. Visit

The petition/proposal will ask you to document how you have or plan to meet the Honors Research requirements and will ask for your faculty mentor signature/approval.


Service-Learning & Leadership

Several honors-specific service-learning & leadership opportunities such as the Lead for Tomorrow Leadership Academy and BILL'S Trip are offered each year. This experiential learning method integrates community service with instruction and reflection to improve student civic-mindedness and build community capacity.

Study Abroad & Student Exchange

Study Abroad programs give you the chance to study anywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe (and virtually everywhere in between) for up to one year while earning credit toward your WSU degree. You can earn Honors credit with specific faculty-led HNRS 398 courses, or you can submit a petition to document how a study abroad experience meets honors outcomes.

WSU also participates in a program that allows students to study a semester or a year at another participating university. Students can live in a different area and experience an entirely new campus environment while continuing to pay WSU tuition and working towards a WSU degree.

Learn More About Study Abroad   Learn More About National Student Exchange

Internship or Cooperative Education

Apply knowledge in your field of study or an area of interest with on campus or off campus work experience. Most internships are paid, but you may be interested in a non-profit or public sector internship that isn't paid. Remember the Cohen Enhancement Scholarship can support this work. 

Visit the Shocker Career Accelerator to learn more. 
How to Enroll for Honors Internship or Co-Op Credit
  1. Visit the Shocker Career Accelerator or Handshake for help to find an internship, or talk with a current supervisor about earning internship credit for a current off-campus or on-campus job.
  2.  Ask a faculty member to serve as your internship mentor and instructor of record. 
  3. Email  the following information:
    1. The name of your faculty mentor
    2. A one-paragraph explanation of how you think your internship will meet Honors requirements
    3. Number of weeks and hours per week you'll be spending in your internship
    4. Number of credit hours you propose to earn for your internship
  4. Talk with your major college to find out if your internship also can meet major requirements.
  5. Activate Handshake account and upload the job description of your internship. 
  6. The Honors Academic Advisor will email you the CRN for HNRS 481 or HNRS 481N so that you can enroll. 
  7. Complete the requirements assigned to you by your faculty mentor and internship placement. 
  8. Email a copy of your Final Reflection paper to

If you need help at any point, contact the Honors Academic Advisor!