Go beyond the classroom

Honors applied learning is a great way to get field experience in your major or an area of interest while maintaining the rigor of Honors. Honors students working toward an Honors Interdisciplinary track are required to engage in a substantial service learning, study abroad or internship experience. Any Honors student may earn credit for experiential learning by enrolling in HNRS 481, HNRS 481N, HNRS 398. Honors service learning course numbers vary by semester. Check for current courses on the Honors website.
Funding your Adventure

Apply for a Cohen Enhancement Scholarship of up to $4000 to study abroad, participate in National Student Exchange, take an unpaid internship in the public sector, attend a national conference or engage in undergraduate research and creative activity.

Service Learning

Thanks to a partnership with the Office of Student Involvement, Honors offers credit for study and travel on Alternative Break programs.

Service-learning is open to all students. You don’t have to be in Honors to take advantage of this experiential learning method that integrates community service with instruction and reflection to improve student civic-mindedness and build community capacity.

Check out the Alt Break student experience blogs to see how WSU students give back to Wichita and the world!  Student participating in alternative spring breal

Study Abroad

Twenty years from now, you may not remember the atomic weight of beryllium, how to divide square roots or the countries that signed the Versailles Treaty. But if you Study Abroad with Wichita State, we guarantee there will be at least one part of college you’ll never forget.

Study Abroad programs give you the chance to study anywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe (and virtually everywhere in between) for up to one year while earning credit toward your WSU degree. » Learn more about Study Abroad

Internship or Co-op

Get real-world experience in your field of study along with college credit and a pay check - all while building your resume. 

How to enroll for Honors credit:
1. Confirm with your major college advisor that an HNRS co-op or internship will count for your co-op/internship requirements for your degree, if applicable.
2. Check the Cooperative Education and Internship site for information about getting started. You will receive an outline of steps and paperwork to guide you and your instructor. If you have questions, call the Co-op office at (316)978-3688.
3. Identify a faculty member to serve as your co-op/internship mentor and instructor of record.
4. Email the Advisor in the Cohen Honors College to confirm that you have a faculty mentor and have completed the steps required by Cooperative Education before enrolling. The Advisor will write to the Registrar to assign the faculty of record and to Cooperative Education to clear you for enrollment. The Advisor will then email you the CRN for registration in an HNRS section.
5. Complete the co-op or internship requirements, and your instructor of record will assign you a grade for this course.