Honors offers students a different way to do their degree, designed to be broader, deeper, or more complex than traditional college study. 

A student in any major can earn an Honors College distinction by completing at least 12 credits to complete an Honors track or 24 or more credits to be awarded the more ambitious University Honors minor or Honors Baccalaureate degree.

No matter what curriculum path Cohen Honors students follow, they aim to uphold the pillars and meet the outcomes established in the student-written Honors College Charter: to be intellectual, professional, innovative, and transformative.

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Honors Curriculum Paths

Cohen Honors students are encouraged to create their Honors Path out of many options that lead to a distinction noted on the transcript or diploma. This distinction is not the same as graduating with Latin honors such as cum laude or magna cum laude. Latin honors distinctions are based on your grade point average. Cohen Honors distinctions are based on the work you choose to do.

Visit the types of honors courses and the suggested honors course sequence pages for more information about the steps along your Honors path.

  • University Honors - general and advanced honors study with research and applied learning
  • Honors Science - coming soon
  • Honors Baccalaureate - interdisciplinary major and thesis project designed by the student with faculty approval
Not sure where to start?  
  • Most students start with general study in the Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar track, which requires an Honors seminar, elective courses, and a research experience.
  • Any student may start with advanced scholarship in leadership, law and public policy, design-your-own interdisciplinary honors, or departmental honors (in the major).
  • Students who complete both general study and advanced scholarship Honors tracks earn a minor in University Honors.
  • Ambitious students interested in designing their own interdisciplinary major and completing a thesis project are encouraged to consider the Honors Baccalaureate degree.

To begin planning your Honors course of study, review the Honors requirements planning sheets available on the Honors College forms page.

Email the Honors Academic Advisor to schedule an appointment to talk about your Honors path.


Find details in the Honors College section of the current undergraduate catalog.