Cohen Honors Learning Outcomes


A group of faculty met throughout academic year 2020-21 to develop an initial set of Honors outcomes and a rubric based on the student-written college charter, AAC&U VALUE rubrics, and feedback from students, faculty, and alumni. We’d like faculty to try to incorporate at least two outcomes total from two different pillars and let us know how they work for your course. At the end of the year, you’ll be invited to give feedback on the outcomes and the extent to which they worked in your course. 


Honors Pillar Outcomes - habits of thought developed in classes and experiences

Integrative Thinking: Master cognitive, transferable, and practical skills
Interdisciplinarity: Value the knowledge in other disciplines
Curiosity: Commit to curiosity and lifelong learning

Professional Passion: Passionately pursue long-term goals
Purpose: Contribute to a common purpose and meaning
Innovative Empathy: Meet unaddressed challenges and needs.
Ambiguity: Accept risk and ambiguity in proposing solutions 
Problem Solving: Solve problems creatively
Transformational Diversity: Embrace diversity in backgrounds, values, and perspectives 
Positive Impact: Make a positive impact on a local or global community