Top faculty from departments and colleges across campus regularly teach Honors seminars and honors department courses.

If you are interested in teaching an Honors course, looking for Honors faculty resources, or seeking opportunities in undergraduate research or other high-impact practices in Honors, visit the Resources for Faculty in Honors page. In addition to teaching in Honors, faculty can apply for an Honors faculty fellowship to develop independent or collaborative projects to advance Honors education and high-impact practices across campus each year. Visit the Honors Faculty Fellows page to learn more about our current fellows.

Current Honors Seminar Teaching Faculty

Moriah Beck, Chemistry

Randi Beggs, Student Involvement

Heidi Bell, Human Performance Studies

Elaine Bernstorf, School of Music

Laura Bernstorf, Cohen Honors College

Gary Brooking, Engineering Technology

George Dehner, History

Jaydip Desai, Biomedical Engineering

Kimberly Engber, Cohen Honors College and English

Kevin Harrison, Cohen Honors College

Robin Henry, History

Eveline N. Kalomo, School of Social Work

Louis Medvene, Psychology and Cohen Honors College

Roy Myose, Aerospace Engineering

Keith Pickus, History and Cohen Honors College

Martin Ratcliffe, Cohen Honors College

Chelsea Redger-Marquardt, Sport Management and Cohen Honors College

Carolyn Shaw, Political Science

Rachel Showstack, Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures

Polly Wenzl, Cohen Honors College

Honors-Affiliated Faculty

Neal Allen, Political Science

Brian Amos, Political Science

Sonja Armbruster, Public Health Sciences

Rick ‎Armstrong, Elliott School of Communication

Danette Baker, School of Performing Arts

Nick Baldetti, Public Health Sciences

Wilson Baldridge, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Jim Bann, Chemistry

Kristen Beal, School of Art, Design and Creative Industries

Rebeccah Bechtold, English

Elizabeth Behrman, Physics

Bobby Berry, Sport Management

Noell Birondo, Philosophy

Micheal Birzer, Criminal Justice

Stephanie Bond, Elliott School of Communication

Patrick Bondy, Philosophy

Stephen Brady, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

John Brand, Elliott School of Communication

Robert Bubp, School of Art, Design and Creative Industries

Sindhu Preetham Burugupally, Mechanical Engineering

Cuitlahuac Chavez, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Cheyla Clawson, School of Performing Arts

Samantha Corcoran, Engineering Technology

Karen Countryman-Roswurm, School of Social Work

Margaret Dawe, English

Darren DeFrain, English 

Jennifer Demers, Psychology 

Yanwu Ding, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Doug English, Chemistry

Daniel Fonfria-Perera, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Nadia Gosset, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Gerald Graham, Management

Sarah Green, Criminal Justice

Nils Hakansson, Biomedical Engineering

Michael Hall, Political Science

Amy Drassen Ham, Public Health Sciences

John Hammond, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics

Suzanne Hawley, Public Health Sciences

Jeffrey Hershfield, Philosophy

Kelly Herzik, General Counsel

Twyla Hill, Sociology

Mary Jameson, Biological Sciences

Sirana Jamkartanian, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures 

Jeffrey Jarman, Elliiot School of Communication

Benjamin Kirby, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Katie Lanning, English

Yongkuk Lee, Biomedical Engineering

Rhonda Lewis, Psychology

David Long, Biomedical Engineering

Huabo Lu, School of Computing

Thomas Luhring, Biological Sciences

Karissa Marble-Flint, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Cindi Mason, Industrial, Systems, and Manufacturing Engineering

Janell Mayer, School of Nursing

Mythili Menon, English

Holger Meyer, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics

Alexandra Middlewood, Political Sciences

Scott Miller, Aerospace Engineering

Imran Musaji, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Rui Ni, Human Factors Psychology

Sarah Nickel, Medical Laboratory Sciences

Chinyere Okafor, Women's Studies

Doug Parham, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Jeremy Patterson, College of Innovation and Design

John Perry, Barton School of Business

Anna Porcaro, Online Learning and Adult Learning

Jay Price, History

Atul Rai, School of Accountancy

Brian Ray, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Nicole Rogers, Public Health Sciences

Justin Rorabaugh, School of Media Arts

James Schwartz, Philosophy

Colleen Scott, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Trisha Self, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Bhisham Sharma, Aerospace Engineering

Samantha Gregus Slade, Psychology

Shirlene Small, Sociology

Nick Smith, Aerospace Engineering

Doug Stucky, Innovation & Design

Rachelle Swilley, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Rannfrid Thelle, History

Raquel Thiesen, Public Health Sciences

Richard Traverzo, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics

Sabrina Vasquez, Dance

Anthony Vizzini, Aerospace Engineering

Melissa Walker, Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs

Jian Wang, Chemistry

Robert Weems, History 

Wei Wei, Mechanical Engineering

Celia Whelan, Criminal Justice

Brandon Whipple, Political Science

Tom Wine, School of Music

Janet Wolcutt, Economics

Rejeana Young, Biological Sciences

Szde Yu, Criminal Justice

Nikki Keene Woods, Public Health Sciences

Robert Zettle, Psychology

Teddy Zewde, Electrical & Computer Engineering