Honors Option Agreement

Turn almost any course into an Honors course with the agreement forms. Both forms are required. Design the Honors component with the faculty using the framework in the forms below. Both the faculty and the student Honors Option Agreement forms must be submitted by the end of the third week of classes. It is the student's responsibility to verify the faculty has submitted their portion. 

Petition for Exception

Students who want to design their own track, submit documentation of meeting the research or applied learning requirement, or request an exception to Honors requirements (including graduation requirements) should submit a petition for exception form. Your petition is a proposal in which you make the case for the exception you are requesting. If you are appealing a decision made by the dean, the petition is reviewed by a committe established in accordance with the college bylaws.

Planning Sheets

Other Forms

Honors Course Permission form - Are you not currently a member of the Cohen Honors College but interested in learning more? Any WSU student can take one Honors seminar course with permission without being admitted to Honors.

Honors Meeting Room Request form

Newsworthy Submission form - Use this form to tell us something newsworthy about you or advertise an event in the Weekly Update.

Troubleshooting - Report a problem with door access, printing, or something else using this form. 

Voluntary Withdrawal - Let us know you want to withdraw from Honors using this form.