The Cohen Honors College is a different way to do your degree, designed to complement any major field of study. In addition to challenging and engaging courses, Honors offers multiple benefits to students who want to maximize their college education.

"There are a lot of great resources that come with being in the honors college. Besides the free coffee and printing, you also get the opportunity to network with classmates and faculty fellows that can help you make the most out of your college experience." - Noah McGhghy, Cohen Honors student majoring in biomedical engineering

24/7 Student Lounge and Free Printing in Shocker Hall
Honors students have 24/7 access to the Honors College suite and student lounge with their Shocker card. If you need a quiet place to study in the evenings, want to meet with a group of students or just hang out with fellow Honors students, the Honors College is always available to you. 

Priority Enrollment
Priority enrollment allows Honors students to register first each semester, at the same time athletes register, and particularly helps students who are pursuing double majors/degrees. Some majors require you to meet with a college advisor before being cleared to register. Check with your college.

Graduation with Distinction
Honors is a different way to do your degree, designed to be measurably broader, deeper, or more complex than traditional college-level education.

Students who successfully complete any of several Honors tracks earn an honors notation on their transcript or diploma. Ambitious students may design their own degree and complete a thesis or capstone project with faculty mentors to earn the prestigious Honors Baccalaureate.

Scholarships for Applied Learning & Leadership Opportunities
Honors encourages students to participate in internships, study abroad, National Student Exchange (NSE) and community service. We offer Cohen Enhancement Scholarships of up to $4000 for applied learning.

Honors also builds student leadership in service-learning and leadership travel experiences that are funded by gifts from Dorothy & Bill Cohen including the Lead for Tomorrow Leadership Academy and BILL'S Trip.

First-Year Research Experience (FYRE)

FYRE is an applied learning program designed to connect first-year students with authentic hands-on research experiences in a variety of STEM-related disciplines.  Students selected for the FYRE program enroll in an introductory research seminar course that exposes them to research methods and are matched with research positions in WSU labs actively involved in scholarly STEM research. FYRE students will be better prepared for advanced careers in STEM fields and will develop important skills in critical thinking and problem-solving that can be applied to careers outside of research. Applications are typically due October 1st for the spring program.


This program is made possible by support from the Helen Clay Frick Foundation.


Interactive & Student-Centered Honors Courses
Our average student to faculty ratio in Honors courses is 15:1, so Honors courses offer the opportunity for students to get to know each other and their instructors.

Each semester, Honors offers several seminar-style classes that fulfill general education requirements. Honors seminars are small, with an average enrollment of ten students, and topics vary based on faculty interest. You also can turn a regular course into an honors course any semester with agreement from the course instructor.

Students are encouraged to propose honors course topics to faculty members and the college dean.

Specialized Advising
Honors students are encouraged to meet with the Honors advisor in the first year and as needed throughout their college career. Talk about your goals and ambitions and how opportunities in Honors can support you. Reach out to faculty or the college dean about graduate and professional school applications and national scholarship applications. Learn more about our advising process.

Student Community 
First-Year Honors students are invited to live in the Honors Living Learning Community in Shocker Hall. Students are actively involved in college decision making through the Honors College Student Council.