Welcome, New Honors Students!

Welcome, new Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College students, to an intellectual community that asks big questions and makes bold plans for the future.  We want you to find your passion for inquiry and your reason to engage in more meaningful work.

Welcome to a Shocker Honors alumni network of 1000+ strong! 

Meet just a few of our notable alumni in our alumni welcome video.

We look forward to seeing you soon on the Wichita State campus. Contact us if you have questions!

Save the dates!

  • WS-YOU Day! - Saturday, March 25th. Honors will have a college room all day at WS-You Day and a new Honors student gathering in the afternoon. New students and their families are invited to meet students, faculty and staff:
    • Shocker Grill and Lanes in the Rhatigan Student Center
    • 1:30-3:00pm - Drop by anytime
    • Bowling, billiards, darts, and pizza available. 
  • Fall Programs - We're starting to plan fall Honors programming. New Honors students attend two Honors Colloquium sessions during the fall semester. Additional programming through the fall typically includes a Saturday trip downtown with students and faculty, biking the trail near campus, playing board games - all sorts - and more.
  • Follow the college on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CohenHonorsWSU for events and opportunities each week. 

Find Your Honors Path

Honors Curriculum and First-Year Advising

We often say that we aim to do more meaningful work in Cohen Honors, and we do this by aiming to fulfill the four pillars established by the students who wrote the college charter.

Honors curriculum paths comprised of courses that meet general education or major requirements allow you to choose how you earn honors. 

  • Honors Colloquium: All new honors students take HNRS 102 in fall and HNRS 103 in spring. This new zero-credit course sequence meets at least two times each semester. It's designed to introduce you to honors opportunities and build honors community in your first year. If the meeting times don't work with your schedule, your first-year advisor will let us know.
  • First-Year Honors Courses: There are many types of honors courses for your first year. These include pre-requisites for your major,  such as PSY 111H or ECON 201H, and Honors First-Year Seminars. Fall honors FYS topics include:
    • Me and My Place in the World
    • Facts, Opinions, and Why They Matter
    • Community & Cultural Connections
    • Discovering Humanity
  • 8-week Class Cohorts: We've scheduled two of the first-year seminars as 8-week classes and scheduled two department honors courses at the same time in the second 8 weeks so that you can get to know a group of honors students and can take more than one honors course in your first semester, if you choose.
  • First-Year Advising: Your first- year advisor will place you in an honors course in your fall semester when possible. It doesn't always work with your schedule, so you may take your honors course in your spring semester instead.

Many Options: You may take more than one honors course in a semester if you choose, and you may work with a faculty member to turn one of your regular courses into an honors course with an honors option agreement. We recommend the honors option only for your second semester and beyond.

There are many ways to earn honors - not only through courses listed in the schedule of courses each semester. Visit the Types of Honors Courses and the year-by-year sequence of courses pages on our website for more information. 

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Honors has 24/7 student space in Shocker Hall with multiple study areas, a break room with a microwave and lockers, a dedicated classroom, computers and free printing.  All Honors students, whether living on campus or off, have 24-hour keycard access to this space. 
  • First-Year Research opportunities in spring. 
  • Student Leadership opportunities throughout the year:

Student Fee and Scholarship Fund

The expanded Honors student space in Shocker Hall, new technology and programs are supported in part by a $50 per semester program fee for all Honors students, effective fall 2019. 

The Honors College Student Council also passed a resolution in 2019 creating a scholarship fund to support students with financial hardship to pay their fee each semester. 

Fee scholarship applications are due each semester in early September and early February.