Expand your ability to make a positive impact on a community, embrace diversity, and inspire others.

The interdisciplinary Honors Leadership Track exemplifies the transformational pillar in honors. Through coursework and applied learning, students prepare for problem-solving and change in our complex society.  Students who complete this track earn a transcript designation and are also eligible to earn a certificate in leadership. 


Learn How To:
  • Identify leadership theories and concepts
  • Differentiate leadership practices
  • Identify cultural strengths and differences through a leadership framework
  • Develop leadership skills based on personal strengths and professional interests
Minimum Requirements (12 credit hours):
  • Core Course (3 credit hours)
  • Directed Electives (6 credit hours)
  • Applied Learning (3 credit hours)
I owe this class (Alternate Spring Break) and the entire experience so much credit for allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about issues I didn't know about before. 
Maribel Sanchez, Business Management Major
Core Course: 

3 Credit Hours

  • Survey of Leadership (HNRS 351)
Directed Electives: 
  • The Engineer as Leader (ENGR 501H)
  • The Bioethics (PHIL 327H)
  • Contemporary Ethics (PHIL 341H)
  • The Presidency (POLS 315H)
  • High Performance Leadership (MGMT 462H)
  • Leadership in Self and Society (HP 408H/PSY 413H)
  • Leadership for Innovation (ID 506) 
  • Lead for Tomorrow: Messy Problems (HNRS 306J) *elective or applied
  • Leading Through Serving (HNRS 398J) *elective or applied
Applied Learning:
  • Travel Seminar (HNRS 398)
  • Internship (HNRS 481N)

Visit with the Honors Academic Advisor to plan your course of study. To prepare for your advising meeting, find the Honors Leadership track planning sheet on the Forms Directory page or review detailed track requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.