Darren DeFrain

Position:Assistant Professor, English & Director of Writing Program
Study Location: 
Siena, Italy

Crystal Dozier

Position: Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Study Location: Pune, India & Arequipa, Peru
Year: 2010

Nick Endicott

Position: LAS, Academic Advisor
Study Location: Leipzig, Germany
Year: Summer 2002

Nathan Filbert

Position: Assistant Professor, Research & Instruction Services Librarian
Study Location:
Jerusalem, Israel; Oxford, UK & Heidelberg, Germany
1991 & 1993

Yumi Foster

Position: Senior Educator of Japanese Language
Study Location:
Junior year of college

Andrew Hippisley

Position: Dean, LAS
Study Location: Moscow, Kazan, Former Soviet Union
Years: 1988-89

Selena Jackson

Position: Staff Psychologist & Group Coordinator at CAPS
Study Location: London, England
Year: 2011

Quang Nguyen

Position: Assistant Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Study Location: Seoul, South Korea
Year: Summer 2014

John Perry

Position: Professor, Business
Study Location: Malaga, Spain
Year: 1987

Kennedy Rogers

Position: Coordinator of Leadership Development, Student Involvement
Study Location: Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw, Poland & Berlin, Germany
Years: 2011