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Frequently Asked Questions from Students

Before Applying
Q1: Can I find out if I will be accepted before I apply?
Q2: Is admission guaranteed?
Q3: Can I email the application, transcripts, test scores, etc?
Q4: Transfer Credit (Exemptions) for Classes Studied at Another School
Q5: Minimum GPA Required for Admission
Q6: 3-Year Bachelor's Degrees
Q7: How long do I need to study for?
Q8: Disability Services
Money Matters
Q9: Waiver of Application Fee
Q10: Express Mail Fee
Q11: How to Pay the Application Fee?
Q12: Bank Statements
Q13: Estimated Costs
Q14: Amount to Show Embassy
Q15: Enrollment Deposit
Q16: Scholarships
Q17: Working On or Off campus
Q18: Paying Tuition by Installment
Q19: Graduate Assistantships
Q20: SEVIS Fee
Q21: Refund Policy & Advanced Tuition
Submitting an Application
Q22: How do I apply?
Q23: Admission Requirements
Q24: Can I apply online?
Q25: Intakes and Deadlines
Q26: Majors Offered
Q27: Letters of Recommendation
Q28: Application Processing Time
Q29: Application Status
Conditional Admission and Test Scores
Q30: Conditional Admission
Q31: TOEFL and IELTS Requirement
Q32: Exceptions to English Requirement
Q33: Do I have to apply to ESL program?
Q34: How long will I be in ESL program?
Q36: GRE
Q37: SAT or ACT
Q38: Can I send my test scores?
After Admission Pre-Departure
Q39: What airport should I fly to?
Q40: Will you come pick me up when I arrive?
Q41: Applying to Live On-Campus and Married-Student Housing
Q42: Freshmen Must Live On-Campus
Q43: Homestays
Q44: SEVIS Fee
Q45: Pre-Departure Information
Q46: Tips for Getting a Visa
Q47: How to Request Readmission and get a New I-20
After Arrival
Q48: How do I open a bank account?
Q49: International Student Associations
Q50: Things to do in Wichita
Q51: Campus Map
Q52: Campus Buildings
Q53: U.S. Educational System