About the WSU VA Education Benefits Office

Who are we, and what do we do?

The WSU VA Education Benefits Office is the location for all things connected to your VA education benefits. We act as the liaison between you, the student, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our office is responsible for helping you receive your VA education benefits through a process known as enrollment certification. This enrollment certification process is the process through which the Department of Veterans Affairs receives the necessary information regarding your educational pursuits for the use of your VA education benefits.

Who works in the WSU VA Education Benefits Office?

The WSU VA Education Benefits Office has a dedicated School Certifying Official (SCO) who is responsible for processing and submitting your enrollment certification documents to the Department of Veterans Affairs for your VA education benefits. Your SCO at Wichita State University is Brady Marzolf, brady.marzolf@wichita.edu.

Our office also employs several student veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs work study program. Our student workers are responsible for assisting current and prospective students with VA education benefit-related inquiries. Our student workers must have a strong working knowledge of VA education benefit programs and other campus and community resources. They also assist with paperwork processing, document collection, and file maintenance.

Are you interested in a VA Work Study position with WSU Veterans Services?

First and foremost, you must currently be using VA education benefits, and you must still have benefit eligibility (meaning your education benefits cannot be exhausted). You must be enrolled at least three-quarters time (at least 9 hours per semester as an undergraduate, and at least 7 hours per semester as a graduate).

To apply for a VA Work Study Position with the WSU VA Education Benefits Office, please complete the VA Work Study Application which can be picked up from our office and submit in person or electronically to brady.marzolf@wichita.edu.

After we have received your application, we will contact you if and when a position becomes available to schedule an interview.

Do you have questions for our office? If so, please contact the WSU VA Education Benefits Office in person in Grace Wilkie 105, by phone at (316) 978-3547, or by email to Veterans.Services@wichita.edu.