Deployment/Change of Status

Wichita State University supports students who are members of the United States Armed Forces. To assist them, and protect and safeguard their student status, WSU has adopted a student military leave of absence policy.

This policy applies to WSU students who are U.S. military personnel to include active duty, guard, and reserve. Students who are spouses of service members and have dependent children are also included in this policy. This policy pertains to students seeking military withdrawal and reentry to the program that they previously attended, or academic completion of current coursework after deployment and will be eligible for readmission under this provision.

Requirement of Notice:

  1. A student requesting leave for military service are required to give advanced written notice by completing the Military Leave of Absence Authorization Form and submit a copy of military orders.
    1. If the student is required by the military to leave immediately, a family member or designated party may submit a copy of military orders and MLOA form on the student’s behalf.
    2. To be readmitted, the student must give written or email notice of the intent to reenroll to as soon as reasonably possible after the completion of the period of their service.

Short periods of military duty (Up to 2 weeks)

  • A student who will be absent for up to two weeks will be allowed to make up any missed work within a reasonable time frame (generally up to 30 days) without a grade penalty. In addition to completing the MLOA, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate in writing directly with each instructor, as far in advance as possible, so appropriate accommodations can be made. Students are also strongly encouraged to complete coursework in advance, whenever possible.
  • Faculty members are expected to make reasonable academic accommodations or opportunities for students to complete course assignments and/or exams without penalty to the course grade for class absence(s) or missed deadlines due to military training or obligations. Students will provide faculty members with a copy of their approved MLOA and official military documentation (paper, electronic orders or a Unit's memorandum) with as much advance notification as possible for absences that will result from temporary responsibilities of their military obligations.

Extended periods of military duty (More than 2 weeks)

  • A student who will be absent for more than two weeks after classes begin should request a complete withdrawal from the current term, in addition to filing the MLOA.
  • The student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid to Wichita State University if the MLOA is filed prior to the last day to withdraw from classes. (usually two-thirds into the semester).
  • If the MLOA is received after the last day to drop classes, the student has the following options:
    • A full refund of tuition and fees, but no credit awarded for work completed during the semester.
    • An incomplete grade in all courses (with instructor agreement) with the right to complete all coursework without further payment of tuition or fees and a designation that the incomplete was incurred due to active military service. When the student is called to active military duty, and reaches agreement with the instructor(s) to take an incomplete, the student will have up to one calendar year following the end of the semester that the incomplete was given to complete any incompletes.
    • A grade in each course, if the instructor of each class believes sufficient work has been completed to warrant assigning a letter grade.


The University will allow the student to reenroll in the next class or classes in the same program, with the same enrollment status, number of credits, and academic standing as when the student was last in attendance. The student may also request a later date of enrollment or, if unusual circumstances require, the institution may allow the student to enroll at a later date.