Students in any major can earn an Honors distinction. Graduation with an Honors distinction is evidence of a commitment to academic growth and fulfillment of requirements that go beyond the general college degree. The Cohen Honors College offers several "tracks" or paths that challenge you to do more meaningful work in classes and beyond the classroom. You may choose to earn one or multiple honors distinctions depending on your interests and ambitions.

Graduating with an Honors distinction means you will receive: 

• Special acknowledgment at the University’s Commencement exercises.

• A notation on the transcript or diploma, depending on the requirements completed.

Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar

Most Honors students start in this 12-credit track that combines Honors general education courses with academic research or creative activity. The Scholar track exemplifies the Honors ambition to do more meaningful in the classroom and beyond.

Learn more about the Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar track.

Interdisciplinary Honors

If you are interested in exploring areas such as Leadership or Law and Public Policyor designing your own track, Interdisciplinary Honors is for you. Designed for continuing and transfer students, 12-credit interdisciplinary tracks give students the opportunity to pursue interests that extend beyond a discipline or major. Any student may propose a self-designed interdisciplinary track.

Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Honors track.

University Honors Minor

The University Honors Minor is comprised of the Scholar track and an Interdisciplinary track. It combines general education and research-based learning with interdisciplinary study and application with the goal of preparing students for graduate study and professional success.

Students complete 24 credit hours in the Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar track and an Honors Interdisciplinary track to earn the University Honors Minor transcript and diploma designations.

To begin planning your Honors course of study, download the requirements tracking sheet.

Departmental Honors

Opportunity to earn recognition for excellence in the major. Talk with your faculty advisor about opportunities in your major.

Learn more about the Departmental Honors track.

Honors Baccalaureate

A rigorous, interdisciplinary degree designed by the student with approval from faculty mentors. 

Learn more about the Honors Baccalaureate

Types of Courses

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Types of courses


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