Explore in Honors through coursework enhanced by independent or collaborative research.

The Lindquist Honors Scholar Track is designed particularly for incoming first-year students but is open to all Honors students. It engages students in general study in Honors and leads to a transcript distinction. 

Students are encouraged to continue to advanced study in honors with an Honors General Interdisciplinary, Law & Public Policy or Leadership track to earn the University Honors Minor

Learn How To:

  • Understand how scholars and professionals think about problems
  • Become a more independent and critical thinker
  • Consider the consequences of ideas for others and for society
  • Work collaboratively in diverse groups

Minimum Requirements (12 credit hours):

  • HNRS-prefix General Education seminar
  • Honors courses of your choice
  • Honors Research or Creative Activity: HNRS 485 Honors Academic Research and Creative Activity or HNRS 486 Honors Collaborative Research and Creative Activity.
  • You may petition to meet the research or creative activity requirement with existing research that fulfills the Honors Research Outcomes. You must complete 12 Honors credits in Honors. 

Visit with the Honors Academic Advisor to plan your course of study. Prepare for your advising meeting by checking the Lindquist Scholar planning sheet available on the Forms Directory page.

Who was Emory K. Lindquist?

Emory Lindquist was a scholar of the highest caliber. After receiving his first Bachelor's degree, Lindquist won a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford. Beginning in 1953, he served as a university professor at the Municipal University of Wichita, later Wichita State University. He served as Dean of Faculties (1955-1961) and President (1963 -1968) and strongly supported the Honors program students and faculty during his tenure here.