Honors general study and advanced scholarship enhanced with research and application increases critical and creative thinking.

The University Honors Minor combines general education and research-based learning with interdisciplinary study and application to prepare students for graduate study and professional success. Students who complete the University Honors Minor requirements earn distinctions on the transcript and "University Honors" on the diploma.


Learn How To:
  • Understand how scholars and professionals think about problems
  • Become a more independent and critical thinker
  • Consider the consequences of ideas for others and for society
  • Work collaboratively in diverse groups
  • View your core focus from a variety of perspectives
  • Apply your knowledge to real world solutions
  • Prepare for a wide range of career options in your field
  • Develop skills based on personal strengths and professional interests
Minimum Requirements (24 credit hours)
I love my honors minor because it lets me combine everything that I want. I can build the minor that works best for me and my future.
Skylar Russell, Biomedical Engineering Major
Kilback, Ward and Veum

Visit with the Honors Academic Advisor to plan your course of study. To prepare for your advising meeting, check detailed requirements for University Honors in the Undergraduate Catalog