Performance Suite

The Performance Suite is your place at Wichita State University for strength and conditioning. Our assistants are on hand to help you learn the equipment and meet your desired outcomes.

In the Peformance Suite you will find Precor cardio equipment and a variety of weight lifting and agility equipment.


The Performance Suite is located on the first floor of the Heskett Center and is fully accessible to all our guests.

Note: Availability of the performance suite is limited by classes, and other user groups.

Periodization programs available for sport club athletes.

Equipment available FREE for daily checkout:
Agility Ladder
Ankle Bands
Bar Chains - 20 lb
Dip Belt
Foam Roller
Grid Stick
Jump Rope
Lacrosse Ball
Mini Bands
Mini Hurdles
Resistance Bands w/handles
Sliding Discs 
Torque Sled Harness
Torque Sled Rope
Torque Sled V-Straps
Weight Belt

Policy & Procedures

  1. Clothing: Appropriate athletic attire and closed-toe shoes are required. Shirts that cover the entire back and chest are required to keep equipment clean and dry. Street clothing (i.e. jeans, dress pants or shots, boots, flip-flops, etc.) are prohibited during activities.
  2. Personal Belongings: Personal belongings are not allowed in activity areas. Secure all personal belongings in a locker. Free locks are available at guest services desk. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Participants must be 16 years of age or older to use this area.
  4. Equipment should be used for their designated purpose.
  5. Disinfect each piece of equipment after use with provided wipes.
  6. Power/Olympic bars are to be used on the rack only.
  7. Collars are required when using the free weight Olympic bars.
  8. Slamming or dropping the weights is prohibited.
  9. Personal training or private instruction in this facility is prohibited unless authorized by Campus  Recreation.
  10. Medicine balls are not allowed to be thrown against the wall or bounced on the floor.
  11. Bumper plates are to be used on the platform only.
  12. Campus Recreation staff reserve the right to implement rules that protect the safety of the users and the facility.