Circuit Room

Our circuit room features 17 Cybex® Eagle line stations.


The Circuit Room is located on the lower level of the Heskett Center and is accessible only by stairs and an external entrance. If you need assistance accessing this facility please check in with our staff at the guest services desk located on the first floor.


Policy & Procedures

  1. Appropriate athletic attire and closed-toed shoes are required.
    ♦ Shirts that cover the entire back and chest are required to keep equipment clean and dry.
    ♦ Street clothing (i.e. jeans, dress pants or shorts, boots, flip-flops, etc.) are prohibited during activities.  
  2. Personal belongings are not allowed in activity areas.
    ♦ Secure all personal belongings in a locker.
    ♦ Free locks are available at the guest services desk.
    ♦ Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Participants must be 16 years of age or older to use this area.
  4. Equipment should be used for its designated purpose.
  5. Disinfect each piece of equipment after use with the wipes provided.
  6. Banging or slamming weight stacks is prohibited.
  7. Personal training or private instruction in this facility is prohibited unless authorized by Campus Activities and Recreation.
  8. Campus Recreation staff reserve the right to implement rules that protect the safety of the users and the facility.

Emergency Procedure: Please use the emergency phone that is located next to the water fountains to contact the Campus Recreation front desk.