Fitness Rooms & Dance Studios

Three rooms are available for fitness programs, group classes, and dance related activities. These studios featured mirrored surrounds, wall-mounted and moveable barres.

  • Two fitness studios featuring mirrored walls and hardwood floor
  • A multipurpose studio featuring mirrored walls and Marley flooring


All studios and fitness rooms are located on the first floor of the Heskett Center and are fully accessible to all guests. Check in with our guest services attendants for any assistance.

Policy & Procedures

  1. Equipment (sharp or otherwise) that may damage the floor, mats, padded walls, or mirrors are not permitted.
  2. Care must be taken to avoid any contact with mirrors.
  3.  Proper attire must be worn at all times; non-marking shoes are required.
  4. The padded walls in the room are for safety, do not kick, punch, or strike.