Assessment Symposium at Wichita State University

Future symposium sessions will be posted here.  

The University Assessment Committee hosts meetings focused on academic topics periodically throughout the academic year.  

Fall 2021 - On November 11th, Dr. Carolyn Speer, Program Level Curriculum Mapping Workshop discussed how curriculum mapping is the foundation of many assessment plans. She provided what a curriculum map is and how to organize, streamline, map program and learning objectives; align target program outcomes and simplify the tracking of assessment and accreditation requirements. Curriculum Mapping

Summer 2021- Webinar, Insights From Academic Life Coaching: Using Psychosocial Factors to Inform Life Coaching Intervention presented by Joshua P. Sills of Texas Tech University on June 16, 2021. 

Spring 2021 - April 20, 2021 | Virtual Presentation:  Re-envisioning Assessment at Wichita State University. 
Dr. Gianina Baker of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment encourage attendees to reflect on the lessons learned this past year in the midst of a pandemic, to explore how the university might think differently about assessing students in the semesters ahead, and share the needs of faculty and staff working toward a student-focused institution. 

Fall 2020 -
September 11, 2020 an assessment was held with presenter, Ms. Vanessa Souriya-Mnirajd, Director, TRIO-Disability Support Services Program. Vanessa described the advantages of using a Logic Model as an approach to provide a road map describing the sequence of related events that can contribute to achieving the program’s intended goals and objectives.  Click on the link ->>>the presentation to review. 

Spring 2020 - March 2020, Dr. Marlene Schommer-Aikins– "Basic Knowledge Needed to Assess Students."  Dr. Schommer-Aikins described how an academic program can develop an assessment plan. The assessment helps academic programs prepare for accreditation agencies and helps them self-evaluate for annual reviews of their programs.

Fall 2019 - Dr. Jason Herron addressed the campus community with a presentation on "Item Writing for the Higher Education Classroom for  Cognitive Assessments.  Participants had the opportunity to review assessment theory and rework previous assessment items to align with best practice.

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