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Editing Your Panopto Video

Since the Panopto Editing tool is considered fairly robust, this training is going to focus on the basics of editing video "streams". Information on generating and editing captions can be found on the Adding Captions to Panopto training page and training on editing slides can be found in the Editing Panopto Slides page.

Navigating to the Editor

You have two ways of getting to the editor in Panopto. Either by selecting the edit link to the right of your video;

From a PC:

Panopto Edit option for PC

From a Mac:

Panopto Edit option Mac

Or navigating to, logging in, and using the video options.

Panopto Edit on server

Trimming / Cutting a Video

If you’re new to editing or worried that you might over trim and ruin your recording, don’t worry! Panopto operates on a non-destructive model – which means you can always undo a trim.

To begin trimming or cutting the video, select the scissors icon found in the ribbon above your timeline. Use the Scissors Tool in Panopto to Trim

Move the mouse over the track until a grey line appears.

Hover mouse until a grey line appears in Panopto Editor

Click and drag in either direction to create a “cut.”

Panopto editing trim cut

For more precise “cuts,” use the zoom tool to magnify the timeline for better cutting control.

Panopto editing magnifyAll greyed out sections will be skipped or “cut” when the video is played.